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  1. giftWeedExe

    Cabinet Grow With LED 1200W, 260 True

    Hi guys! I'm completely new on this forum and this is my second grow. I really appreciate to read the many grow journals on the web so I decided to share mine with you! So for the root medium I mixed the recommended dosage of the organic fertilizer "Jobes 4-4-4"(half a cup for 5 gal) with...
  2. Pinktiger777

    Pink's Perpetual Experiments

    Welcome to my newest journal, all! Those of you who have seen my previous efforts will know that I often jump off the train and then wonder why my legs are broken or worse. I call these efforts "my experiments." I really can't help it. A purely perfect grow, with everything going just peachy...
  3. Schnitzelmann

    Greetings from Europe

    Hi guys! My name is Schnitzelmann, I'm in my mid 30s and I'm from a small country in the centre of Europe, called Austria. I'm pretty sure you've heard of Red Bull, Sigmund Freud, Svarovski, Mozart or Schnitzel... well all of these things have their origin in Austria. After smoking for a bit...
  4. 15256389688391859400160.jpg


    Two White Widow closet grow
  5. S

    Just introducing myself

    Howdy, I am a excited to have found this community and I'm so looking forward to learn as much as I can about growing and processing this wonderful plant. I am from Texas where it is still a crime to partake in the marijuana so I am really interested in learning about stealth and micro grows. I...
  6. O

    1st Time Noob - DWC - Auto Blueberry Stealth DIY

    hi people im a 40 something smoker for many years but just recently started my first grow Been doing some research on here for a while and have been wanting to build a stealth grow for some time with work and life it's hard to find time but I've finally done it finished the box on a budget...
  7. SweeetExide

    PC Hydro-SWC White Cookie 2018

    The idea was to build a stealth pc to start clones or seedlings, then I got carried away and wanted to see just how well a few things work to the end of a plants life cycle. those things are: 1. The lights (Philips 13w LED's) 2. The SWC (Shallow water culture) 3.The smell (DIY carbon...
  8. G

    My clothes dryer for stealth cab?

    So here's what I'm looking at; my old Kelvinator clothes dryer took a dump and repair isn't really an option because of its age. Wife says it will save electricity if we hang dry, so I got this dryer with 2*2*3 ft plus of useable room and it is screaming stealth grow..... I want to use this...
  9. tokes

    First Journal: 4x1000W Stealth Indoor Grow

    Really looking forward to documenting and sharing our journey over the next several months with everyone. Been a huge fan of these forums for years now and am excited to finally join the conversation. At the moment we're still in the process of setting up our main space but we should have all of...
  10. G

    Some interesting genetics and my new apartment friendly stealth ideas

    After being shut down for about a year now I am getting geared up for a fresh grow. In the last year I have acquired some interesting genetics. The source of my seeds is a very reputable local breeder, however these seeds are all F1 accidents (guy lost his job). They are what happen when some...
  11. aspiegeek

    Some Gear No Idea - First Grow Under CFLs & LED - Candida CBD Strain

    So thought I'd do a mini journal of my stealth grow. This is the first time I've ever grown anything so big learning curve on everything! First off my space! Approx 4x3 ft, old cupboard I bought from a charity shop for £10! Lined with reflective radiator backing (in hindsight this may...
  12. TurboBucket

    Turbo Bucket's Take On RADDWC: Grow Room Build-Up

    So as some may know I've been running space buckets for awhile now with some success. I love the buckets and intend to return to them with upgrades after this is completed. However I need to increase my output and finally have room so.... Here we go. The space: 42"*70"*93" tall walk in closet...
  13. R

    Stealth Autoflower

    This is my auto girl started on the 16th so I'm a little late uploading my journal everything is going great I'm using a stealth box with a 150w led 1 exhaust fan I'm about to add another fan, carbon filter does not work that good as the small is horrible but she's looking great I'm using fox...
  14. S

    Stealth Speaker Grow Box Help?

    Hello My Fellow Growers, I am currently in the process of building a Stealth Speaker Grow Box. I have the plans all drawn up on Google SketchUp (If you want the plans, shoot me a message and I can give it to anyone). Sadly, I had to downgrade from a 4'x4'x7' grow tent to a 17"x13"x48" Speaker...
  15. H

    Luck33y7's Stealth Auto Sugar Mama - Soil - LED - 2x4 Tent - Affordable - 2017

    :welcome::420: Sugar Mama Auto from Feminisedseeds.co.uk Hybrid, 70% Sativa Seed Indoor Soil Fox Farms Ocean Forest 3 Gallon Fabric pot or earth box 300 Watt LED affordable galaxyhydro...probably lower than stated... :S 2x2x4 Tent in closet So Hopefully this will be a success...
  16. B

    Low smell drying/curing techniques

    After my first harvest, my wife nearly lost it when she came home and the house wreaked of freshly harvested bud. I moved it to dry in a dehumidified crawl space, which helped minimize the smell (originally drying in our laundry room), but it was still pretty stinky. Before I start my next...
  17. T

    First loudspeaker stealth grow box design

    Hi, I am planning to build a loudspeaker grow box and I could really use your advice. I'm totally new to growing, but I figure I can learn about it as I go, I've done a lot of research into this kind of grow box, and I've come up with a few ideas, I'd love to hear what you think. I've got a...
  18. H

    Stealth grow box fan

    First time grower here. I am in the process of making a 2'x2'x4' box. I plan on running CFL lights to help keep the temp on the lower end. My question is will the pc fans below be enough to move enough air through the box?
  19. P

    Original Piece Pipe stealth one-hit

    Have you guys and gals tried the Piece Pipe? It's a stealth one-hitter from Sweden. I love it because it I can hang it on a pocket chain that my keys are attached to and it's always available yet hardly noticeable. I keep a hit in the bowl and a couple in the hidden stash section. Highly...
  20. mackdaddyerb

    TD Silent vs Hyper Fan Stealth

    Torn between.... S&P TD 500 Silent Vs Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth 8" TD will be on full power offering 550-580cfm (28db) Stealth will be on 50% offering around 600cfm (not sure) Which is superior Which is quieter Anyone have either? Any advice would be...
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