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    Plants look healthy, but it’s my first time, need some insight!

    So these are 3 weeks old, it’s my first time doing this and Ive noticed a reddening by the top fan leaves....should I worry ? Does it look fine? I know the red stems can be either genetics, deficiencies, and temp.... but they seem to be growing well and I don’t know if I should have any real...
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    Problem - Mutation

    Hi all. This is my first grow, with 2 plain unfeminized gift seed. both ladies. One of my ladies is more Indica dominant (short spaces between internodes and wider leaves). The other lady is more Sativa dominant (longer spaces between internodes and longer, pointier leaves). Now, the last few...
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    Red/Purple Stems & Branches

    Hey there, Im having a issue with redish purple streaks running thru the stems & branches of all my plants no matter the strain it stays there from birth to harvest what causes that? Im using Cutting Edge Solutions 3 part Nutes FloraBlend & CALiMAGic in veg
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    Any Idea what that could be?

    Hi every one, first time poster and new to growing done few grows before but never had this issue. I planted 6 autos bought online from seed city. a week later to the sporting tow of them "Low Girl auto" & "super skunk" bend over lying on the soil, the spot of the torsion is darker than the...
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    Weak stems but heavy leaves

    I just started on my plant its about 1 month old and planted on 10/18. But the stems are very weak while the leaves look alive. I was wondering if this was normal for a swag plant. I have it proped up with chop sticks and twist tie. I am using a 40 watt CFL light and a small fan. I started going...
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