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  1. ManthaProductions

    Rooting hormone to beef up main stem?

    Hi everyone, I'm super new to this forum but have about 10 years of growing experience. I had recently dripped some rooting hormone down one side of a desconocida kush by accident. the side it was on ended up swelling up, like some clones do. Which now has me curious and about to try a little...
  2. K

    Cannabis cream from stems and roots

    Hi new to this so if I posted in wrong place please move or delete. I want to make a muscle cream iv done it before useing cannabis coconut oil made with flower. But u want to try a mix of stems that I have grinded to not a powder but close and roots I want to get all the goodness out of the...
  3. D

    Cracked Stem From LST

    Hello everyone, I have been low stress training my three blue cheese plants. I went a little too far when pulling some of the stems down. There are two spots that have cracked stems, one on two of the plants. I'm going to let it grow until I put the scrog screen in about a week. I will...
  4. M

    Does this look like a sign of gender?

    Hey, just wondering if this is a sign of a gender, I'm currently topping the plant into 8 main stems :cheer2: Hope it's a lady :thumb:
  5. 28 Grams

    Is this the correct way to LST? Also stems are an odd dark color

    It is my understanding that for LST I should try and spiral my plants. I'm not sure what I will do when I transplant them to bigger pots. Right now I just bent them in this way: Also I'm a little worried, why are the stems this color? They are in FoxFarm ocean forest I fed them...
  6. M

    Dying Leaves - Red Stems - Curling Tips And Yellowing During Early Flowering

    Hi farmers, First time grower here. I'm in week 3 of flower with my Bruce Banner, grown in coco. She's been an extremely healthy looking and fast-growing plant until just recently, when I started to notice some brown/ dying spots on like all of my fan leaves. They don't seem to match any...
  7. B

    First timer

    Im trying to grow some blueberry and not sure what Im looking at i/2 the plants have purple stems and the other 1/2 are green stems is this telling me the sex or what I have 7 plants and having fun growing them. pictures to follow.having problems loading pictures sorry
  8. D

    Surprising effects from my last edible

    I made cannabis soup from from 2 fresh cannabis plants. They did not go thru the flowing stage. I had to turn them into a mother and a father since I discovered my municipality banned outdoor growing. More on that in a separate posting. The plants were a little over 2 months old. The boy was...
  9. F

    Somebody please help? I'm so stupid!

    OBLEM PLEASE HELP 5 weeks into flower .. Made a huge mistake and think I have completely fcked it ! :( I have 6 plants under a 400hps in a grow tent. Started out in my wardrobe under a CFL. Vegged for ages and then moved them into the tent under the new light and roughly 5 weeks ago did the...
  10. F

    Somebody please help me I'm so stupid

    OBLEM PLEASE HELP 5 weeks into flower .. Made a huge mistake and think I have completely fcked it ! :( I have 6 plants under a 400hps in a grow tent. Started out in my wardrobe under a CFL. Vegged for ages and then moved them into the tent under the new light and roughly 5 weeks ago did the...
  11. D

    Help Please! Something's Wrong With My Girls

    It's like this randomly throughout my 2 girl scout cookie clones. They are mature plants and have all purple stems. This is my first grow so not sure where I went wrong. Thanks for any help.
  12. K

    Cooking with stems question

    Hi, I'm about three weeks from harvesting my first grow and was wondering about the stems. In the past I have made some really great cannabutter using trim but recently I've read about people using the stems for various edibles. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for using stems. Also...
  13. C

    Broken plant?

    Trying to main line my plant. I topped it already and let the 2 new stems grow out out of the main one. When I finally thought they were good to bend, they split at the seam on the bottom a little bit. Where the new stems connect to the original. Will it Repair itself or did I mess up my plant.
  14. B

    Seedlings - Stretched Stems

    4th day in soil Feed- Normal uk water, No nutrients Lights- Normal weakfish bedside lamp, Now under 200w light Warm room- No fan, Quiete small plant pots Only have the two baby leaves after 4daya of which look really small, is that normal? Will my plants be ok with no nutrients ...
  15. S

    Repairing broken stems with straws

    Hi! I had to find a trick to repair a few broken stems (death by yoyo!). It is in my grow journal but I thought i could share it here too. Using straws to repair broken stems ========================= - Take a straw and cut small section of the length of the stem you need to repair, then cut...
  16. D

    Red stems?

    got quite a lot of red stems no main stems any advice?
  17. P

    Simple Question

    Are the stems suppose to be hollow?:thumb::thumb:
  18. Kundal1n1

    Stems turning dark after topping

    Hi there. I have topped one of my plants earlier this week and about a day after or so I noticed the stems below where I topped them have turned a dark color, a dark purple even. Now I topped two plants and only one of them showed signs like this. The other ones stems are just green. Any idea as...
  19. jlt1202

    Purple Stems - Help!

    I have noticed on my bigger girls that the stems are geting dark purple color and not knowing what is causing it. I have looked at deficiancies but i dont want to jump to conclusions. Also i have started to used LST on the plant so i was wondering if it would cause plants to get purple stems...
  20. C

    Are red-purple stems normal in seedlings?

    Strain - Sage-n-sour # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Seedling/Veg Bucket Size - 8in. standard pot Lights - (3) 23w and (2) 14w fluorescents Nutrients - none yet (what ever is in Miracle Grow potting mix) Medium - 25%Perlite, 75% Miracle Grow potting mix PPM - no idea PH -...
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