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    Gelato #45

    Some purple Gelato #45. Heavily covered in THC, and orange hairs. Smells so strong that a few nugs makes my whole property smell!
  2. 20180604_113518.jpg


    Sativa hybrid day 1 of week 6 into the flowering period
  3. 20180604_113624.jpg


    Indica hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  4. 20180604_113834.jpg


    Sativa hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  5. 20180515_074347.jpg


    This is one of my out doors indica hybrid grow from last year
  6. J

    How do you remove hash from 25mic screen?

    I don't want to damage anything but it's too sticky. How do you remove the pollen and what do you use?
  7. K

    Birds & Buds: Try These Sticky Icky Chicken Wings

    We've all heard it before: that clarion call from the realm of finger foods. Whether French fries, sandwiches, pretzels, ribs, or wings, there's something about picking up food with our hands and devouring it that connects us with our more primal ancestors. The popular herb cannabis is...
  8. cannilingus

    Dinafem OG Kush

    the result of my free seed. took cuttings from this, that are going in soon. smells great, tight buds, and, my usual yeild. perhaps 2 oz. it may just be a keeper. very sticky, too. but, no visible crystals. very sticky, and dank smelling. like lemons and such.
  9. L

    Sugar droplets seeping out of calyxes

    Hello, has anyone seen or found dew sized droplets seeping from calyxs before? I found this in my auto NL...at first I seen the tiny droplet and questioned why I would have water up that high on the plant. So, me being a the curious George that I am I touched it and noticed its was viscous and...
  10. C

    Plant & buds covered in white flakes from surrounding trees

    I have several plants going and the one in question is about 4-5 weeks into flower and starting to get sticky. The issue is some sort of bush or tree pollen, flakes from surrounding trees keeps covering my plant. I can shake the plant and most of it falls right off but now that the buds are...
  11. 420

    Calling All 420 Community Members: Help Needed With Gallery Bug Reports

    As many of you are aware, we replaced our expired SEO script and added SSL site wide a few months ago. This resulted in a plethora of things breaking, most importantly our gallery uploads from numerous platforms. After trying to figure out how to stay organized with so many testers, testing...
  12. C

    Sticky Buds

    After 4 weeks of flower my buds are nice and sticky ! and smell gooood ! I always wanted to know what this indicates and how far are they along in the flower stage ? I thank YOU in advance , and sorry for my memory loss as I used to know the answer to this pre stroke :(