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  1. N

    Glycemia, Cancer And The Munchies

    I am still learning how to bypass the high, which a lot of people here call the euphoria. The secret of that art is still a mystery to me. So after putting some drops under my tongue and later swallowing them, I got a nice buzz on. Then I got the munchies. So I started thinking about what...
  2. N


    Greetings, Im the new guy. New grower. but dedicated. 45 yrs of age. Green thumb in all other plants, always had a garden. so not totally inept but still alot to learn. Joined to be able to learn and get advice from master growers here.
  3. J

    Do these look like hermies to y'all?

    i'm not so sure, cuz these balls still got hairs. what you guys think?
  4. Ron Strider

    2017: The Year Pot Policy Stood Still As Opioids Ravaged The Nation

    The first year of Donald Trump's presidency has felt like a hurricane, as the administration worked frantically to unwind rules and regulations on everything from environmental policy to Obamacare. But the nation's burgeoning marijuana industry was able to survive attempts by Attorney General...
  5. Ron Strider

    Mexico To Sell Space Cakes, Cannabis Drinks And Marijuana Lipsticks

    Mexico is set to legalize the sale of marijuana-based products early next year, despite the country's struggles with the illicit drug trade. On Wednesday, Mexico's health regulator announced plans to permit the sale of cannabis-based foods, drinks, medicines and cosmetics in the market...
  6. Ron Strider

    NV: Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana Causing Confusion For Companies, Employees

    Local businesses are facing a dilemma now that recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada. The question is, do they hire someone who uses cannabis on their own time? Workforce Connections, an organization that helps people find jobs, says companies are being forced to make changes to their...
  7. higherthehigh

    Question for high quality growers - Flushing question

    Hello all! Im back with a question that i could really use help with. I flipped 12 skunk xl on the 13th september making them 11 weeks old around todays date, i flipped them when they were only around 4 weeks from seed, iv never had a seed take so long to show sex like this strain. I am...
  8. OffTheRadar

    First tentative step

    I've been a grower for 30 years; I lived by the credo 'Loose lips sink ships'. In all those years, only my partner knew I grew. I was totally underground. Long-lived paranoia does not abate easily. I still live by that credo in a counrty hostile to this activity; so paranoia still serves...
  9. G


    i was wondering if i were to use a hydroponic system, not dissimilar to seedolab, do i still need to germinate the seeds?
  10. TorturedSoul

    Train Wreck Auto - Harvest Date?

    I planted a Train Wreck Auto some time ago. In three days, it'll be approximately 11 weeks old. Any educated guesses on the harvest window for this one? I have a jeweler's loupe, but it's a really crappy Chinese model with a field of view about the size of... Well, when I'm trying to use the...
  11. D

    When to add light to the mix

    hi everyone i have recently had a few of my seeds sprout form my rock wool cubes the leaves are not developed and are still closed but they have broken through the surface. when should i throw them under the light?
  12. R

    Help asap please! Don't want to miss my harvest window - Photos included

    Hey guys. Thnx in advance. Long time grower... first time using magnified inspection of trichomes to determine harvest time... outdoor grow, in buckets of dirt, nothing fancy... both indica dominant strains... Here is my issue. 2 plants nearing maturity. And upon inspection of the trichs I am...
  13. B

    Looking for insight on edibles

    I am a person who loves to cook and bake. I also want to learn how to make essential oils and lotions as well. I need ideas and suggestion, the know how's, the steps. I am still new at this adventure. I would really love some input and guidance.
  14. The Kult

    Thanks for acceptance from a tiny island in the Mediterranean

    Hi, thanks for membership. I'm 57 and live on a speck of an island in the Mediterranean Sea which is smaller than most growrooms, lol! Still, there's plenty of sun to go by but I still grow indoors for safety reasons. Trying out an auto cheese for the first time @ 18/6 at the moment. We'll...
  15. Ron Strider

    NH: Marijuana Decriminalization Law In Effect, But Do People Know Pot's Still Illegal

    A new state law loosening the penalties on marijuana possession officially took effect this weekend. Police departments around the state are worried some residents may not fully understand what the change means. Under the new law, people found with three-fourths of an ounce of marijuana will...
  16. F

    72 days clean - Do you think I'm good for a per test

    I'm clean for 72 days taking a test tomorrow. I took a few stick tests :thanks:and passed. I'm still paranoid about the test. Any feed back is welcomed
  17. Ron Strider

    CT: Proponents Of Recreational Cannabis Say They Are Still Short Votes

    Advocates of legalizing recreational marijuana use still believe it's the right thing to do, which is why they held a press conference again Tuesday at the Legislative Office Building. As lawmakers look to pass a two-year state budget, cannabis supporters are still fighting for a chance to be...
  18. G

    Will my plant recover?

    First grow from bag seed. So far looks indica to me. Currently 14 days old. A few days ago an accident happened where i was readjusting the pot under the light and the the whole thing fell over snapping the main stem right beneath the first seed leaves. I quickly wrapped the plant around the...
  19. I

    AN Nutrients - Harvest Question - Couple weeks left?

    Hey everyone, Im getting close to my harvest time with my Sensi Star DWC.. Im in week 6 flowering and buds have started to get fat on my plant- Now my question is when should I start using Overdrive- I know its the last 2 weeks before flush but im worried that I'm going to use it too late before...
  20. curley wurley

    Purple leaf Cindy 99?

    My first grow and I'm not to sure about the purple leaves. Is this normal...healthy? 7 weeks of flowering and trichomes are still clear. View image in gallery View image in gallery