1. Lilface2016

    New guy, lilface 2016, tent first grow!

    Hi everyone. I think I've found my way around... we'll see. New to this forum and could use whatever help or experience to share. I'm new to growing and involved in my first soul grow. I have a variety of questions, so let's play with plants. Thanks all, G
  2. ptk2k

    Stinky Indica Good For S.O.G.?

    hey all! just a couple more weeks left on my current grow, and I want to try a sea of green with 10 ladies or so for my next grow. I'm looking for a strain or two of some stinky indica to do this with! I heard sour diesel would be great. let me know what you guys think! happy growing everyone...
  3. hapgrowy

    Abandoned My Flower Girl's Cloned

    Here's my first attempt at cloning, i took clones from the lower branches of my mother in flower, i used rootone powder, soil mix is 30/70 perlite to homemade mix. Im using one 23w 2700k CFL & one 45w 4500k CFL @ 24/0 to re-veg them(would 18/6 be better, im puttin them back into flower once they...
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