1. Lungbutterorbs

    Curing for taste

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help me out here with this question and Im sure there are multiple ways to go about this.. I'm looking to obtain a nice taste and aroma with my buds. Assuming genetics are on par, grown in soil using organic nutes, and I have no budget cap(lol working on...
  2. The Kult

    Do You Still Get High?

    I'm 57 years old and have been tokin' for the past 43 years, 40 years of those on a daily basis. These days I smoke purely out of habit because the highs that I used to get in my youth are not achieved anymore. Sometimes I try out some new bud and that first spliff is a whammo but immediately...
  3. Ron Strider

    The Future Of Driving, Marijuana, And Being Stoned Behind The Wheel

    I'm not a fan of driving while stoned – mostly because it makes me super paranoid – but I know plenty of other people who swear by it. When they do, they're going against the advice of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which claims marijuana "can slow reaction time, impair judgment of time...
  4. 4

    What's your favourite thing to do while stoned?

    Watch movies? Listen to music? Get out into nature? Having never smoked before I'm looking forward to trying out different things while I'm stoned. One thing I'm definitely gonna try out is playing on the Playstation. Specifically Skyrim. Or Journey! Wow, that will probably be akin to a...
  5. GrizzWald

    Completed Recess Is Over - Now To Muck Up The Lesson

    If a dove is the "bird of peace" then what's the bird of "true love"? The swallow. I was going to start with the most offensive joke I know, just to let you know the content before it's written:rofl: but I'd like somebody to sub not offend you all before it starts :rofl: Miss talking crap to...
  6. Cannafan

    Viceland: Weediquette Episode 1 "Stoned Kids" Alleviating Cancer Symptoms

  7. B

    Help?! First time growing! Need Soil help!

    Hey guys, i'm new to growing and very excited to start my strain (Holy Grail) and i got my CFLs 42watt each bulb got two of them and only 1 plant. The only help i really need what soil would i need? Could i use this? if not could you supply me a list of different soils i could use? Thanks!
  8. S

    Trying to decide my second grow strains. Input needed....

    pretty well into my very first indoor grow and happy to say all is well, at least it has been so far, with three Blue Mystic and four Bubblelicious from Nirvana. I am using the mainlining method with great success. I have a pretty nice variety of seeds in my stash and am trying to decide on...
  9. D

    Abandoned Lowryder #2 CFL Feminized First Grow!

    I wanted to start a grow journal because I thought people would be interested in my super high adventures. Basically the attempt is to figure out whats best for growing before I move to Georgia (we live in Colorado now, and for the most part everything i'm doing is within state laws). The idea...
  10. M

    I'm stoned amuse me

    Iight, I'm stoned to the max right now, and it's fucking awesome, but i'm getting a little bored. Post some pics or things to do? :tokin: :bigtoke:
  11. WeedBaby

    Most Embarassing Thing You've Done When Stoned (or not)??

    So...the inevitable question... What's the most embarrasing thing you've done when you've been stoned or not?? Mine was probably locking maself in a ohone box in the city and locking it, bein stoned completely forgot, the thinkin i was locked in while ppl were walking past looking...not a...
  12. N

    Working Out Stoned?

    Hey all, I recently picked up the sport boxing and I do two hour conditioning twice a week (which includes running, push ups, crunches, 6 inch killers, etc.), a three minute sparring round, and some running in my own time. I've often heard that it's easy to over exert yourself when you're...
  13. S

    Rollin' Stoned in South Dakota

    hey just joined the other day. im from dankton south dakota. im very interested in growing and spreading marijuana awareness. and getting lit. i'll be high until i die! here for growing tips and a good time!
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