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    Compression Sessions - FREE stoner hiphop/chill album from Australia Natureboy X GMC

    WEEK 1 - Intro from the series. WEEK 5 - Bout this feelin' WEEK 6 - Daydream PROMO VIDEO - HOT BOX V, LOVE & HAPPY TOKIN' from DOWNUNDA MAAAAAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEE
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    Smoke weed Every day?!

    stoner anthem by Bud Sugar :) SWED - Jammin with Reason (Bud Sugar) - YouTube
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    Stoner Band Writes a Song for they YouTube Subscribers :)

    Check this awesome stoner band from the uk :) they wrote a song for over 50 subscribers as a way of sayin thank you, stoner vibes, mite b my new favourite band ha ha :p also theyre called 'Bud Sugar' clever stoner name I think :p A Song For Our SUBSCRIBERS! - Bud Sugar - YouTube
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    The Synthetrix Sound

    For those that like instrumental electronic music (Techno trance ambient etc), then check out Synthetrix. Great stuff in headphones, especially the GRAFTED album. You can also check out some free tracks from Synthetrix
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