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    Hi all! FNG first time DWC - Please take a look and give opinions!

    Our setup is top fed dwc with 185w LED. Single quarkle strain in 4th week of flower in 2'x4'x5' tent, temp is set to 68-75. Dual outlet air pump for 60g aquarium with 2 10" stones. 6gal res with 3gal r/o water. Recently switched to tigerbloom from age old bloom organic. 2tsp per gal nuts...
  2. M

    Air Stones Strange Slime - Bits In Res Water - Pics

    Has anyone seen this before? Res tem 67f, lower at lights out. nutes:formulex, rhizotonic, cannazym, magne-cal+, liquid silicon. ppm 560 ph 5.5-6.2 Last run i had slime on the stones and ended up with root rot. this run i thought cannazym and rhizo would prevent this.(full strength)...
  3. LabMan

    Pot size question

    My question is in regards to growing hempy style with perlite/vermiculite. If I have an area that is say 3x3x7 ft would four 2 gallon self watering pots be enough. Would I be limiting yield by not using larger buckets. I really like these pots because I want to put air stones in the bottom and...