stonington blend

  1. Keffka

    Keffkas Coast Of Maine Line, TLO/LOS Style, Bagseed, Indoor Grow

    Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the returning folks! I’m going to be launching a second grow with the same bagseed I sourced for my first grow that turned out excellent after a major intervention. All of the hardware will be the same, the area will be expanded, and the style will be...
  2. Keffka

    Completed Keffka's Stonington Soil, Bag Seed, 2022 Setup Indoor Grow

    Hello all, I am currently in the middle of my first grow which spawned out of planting a red pepper seed from a store bought pepper. I’ve always been interested in cannabis and it’s cultivation but have never really been in a position to grow. Well that’s all changed lol. A couple months ago...
  3. MassMedMan

    Abandoned Welcome to the Mass Panty Party!

    Ok, much talked about, the time is now to start this next journal since today is 4/20 This will be a co journal or collaboration between yours truly, and Mr. Dutty Panty. Please, stand and give Mr. Panty a big round of applause.:bravo: The grow is this. Six plants, three strains. Mine are...
  4. MassMedMan

    what do you think of this soil mix, Coast of Maine. Stonington Blend

    I was in the local nursery with the intention of buying another ingredient for my soil mix for the indoor grow I plan this spring. Because, I need to get it cooking soon. I have almost a full bag of FFOF, plus the two added ingredients I put in my soil mix for my current grow. (Ancient Forest...
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