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  1. Y

    Why won't my seeds pop?

    8 seeds, 6 different sources. 5 different strains. Use the wet paper towel method that I have used for YEARS! 4 in one paper towel 4 in the other. It's been 2 weeks and 3 popped, exposed white, and stopped. The others did nothing. What is happening here please help me. Money gone!
  2. Weezze

    New here!

    Hi! I was looking this forum for a while, so I decided to register! I started to grow in 2000, with Skunk #1! a great strain! But it has always been just for me, 2-3 plants in my wardrobe. I stopped last year because I almost got caught, my carbon filter stopped working 2 weeks before...
  3. M

    I stopped if I start how long will it stay in my system again?

    I stopped smoking weed for 2 months wich means my body is clean if I have it again how long will it take to leave my body ?
  4. M

    Pot and prostate cancer

    I am a newbie on here but not to pot. I am 66 and stopped smoking pot about 20 years ago. Having found out this summer that I have stage 4 prostate cancer which has metastasized to my bones and a couple years to live went looking for something to help. Looked it up and sure enough people were...