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    Techniques for long term storage needed

    There's about 4 lbs of Hindu Kush-the perfect stain to fight my symptoms from a very rare neuro-muscular disease- staring at me from the shelf. It's like the Weavers' song "corn in the field, wheat in the bin," suggesting future meds security. Rapidly mounting mobility and dexterity problems...
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    What! My bud is dry?

    Can anyone tell me the proper relative humidity (RH) that bud needs to be stored at? Cigars can be aged, why not bud? 70/70 on cigars but I hear that that is not correct with bud. Please, no opinions. I need to know, I am sick of ruining my 150.00 a Q!
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    Curing underground?

    Is it possible to bag up and put bud in a storage container like a cooler or airtight lock box and bury it to cure it. I couldn't find any stories of this and was wondering if anyone has tried it or think that it will work. any help would be appreciated. Also what would work best for storage...
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    BioBizz Allmix storage and seedling questions

    hi folks, first post, glad to be part of this great community and have been learning lots in lurk mode for the past while! I'm about to start my first indoor grow and have a quick question about using Allmix soil. I bought it about 3 years ago and it has been stored in a dry, dark place...
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    Storing Lids?

    When you store pot in glass jars with rubber sealed lids, do u need to replace the lids? I'm just storing it in there, but does the seal wear or become useless after a while of storage?
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