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    We need to start fighting harder and we need to start fighting now

    Guys and gals... it's time for us to show this administration that they can't keep jailing people and taking away the thing that is saving our lives from years of chronic pain. I've been reading a TON of stories lately, about people getting put out of business, evicted and jailed for growing...
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    Mainlining - Manifolding

    Hi all I'm looking to try some new training techniques and I've come across Main-lining / Manifolding. I'm familiar with topping but this seems to be a whole different idea. Has anyone used this method before and does anyone have any success stories? (that sounded very middle management...
  3. Squeektoi

    New Member Squeektoi

    Hi! Glad to be here hopefully I will learn a thing or two and share some pics and stories with u groovy ppl! :thanks:
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    Do you have a funny story about your Medical Marijuana doctor?

    Do you have a funny or inspirational story about getting your medical marijuana card from your cannabis doctor? Fifth Dimension Press is holding a contest for the best, funniest and/or most inspirational story about your experience with your medical marijuana doctor. Submit your stories to...
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