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  1. Ron Strider

    NASA Won't Pay You To Smoke Weed

    Facebook users flagged a story with the captivating headline "NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Stay In Bed And Smoke Weed For 70 Straight Days." Don't get too excited. It's false. This bogus story and versions of it have been circulating on the internet for more than a year. It dates to at least...
  2. P

    If a seed floats?

    Hi just wondering if a seed floats does that mean its no good/not viable? I received some from a seed bank today. If you want the whole story its in my journal, link in signature. Cheers Joey
  3. K

    Medical Marijuana Was Arkansas' Top News Story In 2016

    Little Rock - A decision by Arkansas' voters to let residents with certain medical conditions obtain marijuana to ease their symptoms was an overwhelming choice as the state's top news story of 2016, according to balloting by Associated Press journalists and the news organization's members...
  4. C

    Need your help in Michigan! Medical Marijuana Prosecution of Co-op Employees

    Please take a few minutes out of your day and help with this NATIONAL PROBLEM!! The U.S Federal Government is still prosecuting employees of the medical marijuana industry in Michigan and around the country. I was personally prosecuted this year and am currently sentenced to 18 months in federal...
  5. K

    AR: Marijuana Commission To Be Gatekeeper For Dispensaries, Grow Centers

    Appointments to the five-member Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission today were announced this afternoon by Governor Hutchinson and the leaders of both legislative chambers. Hutchinson, a former administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, fiercely campaigned against passage...
  6. K

    Major Journo Fail - Why The "60 Minutes" Story On Marijuana Was Half-Baked

    Diehards still watching broadcast TV may remember CBS as the "Tiffany Network," and the venerable "60 Minutes" newsmag as its crown jewel. Sadly, the show's pre-election curtain-raiser about historic votes to legalize marijuana felt more like shopping for cubic zirconia knockoffs at the strip...
  7. K

    Why Did Facebook Block Our Reporting On Hemp?

    Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, can we talk about hemp? No, really, I'm asking: can we? Because a recent experience with Facebook left the impression that reporting on the plant used in products from soap to rope is taboo. Verboten. The leaf that dare not speak its name. This bit of anti-social media...
  8. M

    Your marijuana story

    okay guys i'm writing my final paper (due 12/7/10) on the legalization of medical marijuana nationwide :yahoo: so what i'd like to know is 1) do you smoke marijuana for medical purposes? (if not, feel free to still post your story(: im all ears) 2)if you answered yes to the previous...
  9. H


    yo i have broken the myth and have sucessfully started growth of a happy healthy cannabis plant on my windowsill...i germinated it in the paper towell method and 2 days after germination it is already 3 inches out of the ground...go out and try it!!! happy toking RoorRip
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