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    818 Headband

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 11 Strain: 818 Headband Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Vitality collection (Sativa) Dispensary Agent: Peter Percentages: 19.50% THC / 0.39% CBD Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends! Today we are going to talk about a pretty...
  2. T

    Silver Kush

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 12 Strain: Silver Kush (70/30S) CBD: 2.95%. / THC: 21.47% / TAC: 24.42% Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Dispensary Agent: David Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends, and welcome back to another episode of The First 90...
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    Tinkering with cannabis Intro

    Hey Everyone! I’m Aj and this is my blog, Tinkering With Cannabis. As my first blog post, let me introduce myself. I am a 35 year old cannabis photographer and medical cannabis patient. Honestly, I was not always a cannabis user. I had not considered this to be medically beneficial earlier in my...
  4. I

    New Grower - New Grow

    Hey guys, i am a new OUTDOOR grower so please give me some tips and heads up along the way, anyway my last plant was a Lebanise Strain (Not sure of the excat name). It seemed to be growing really well. It took something like 6 days to gremanate though :/- But all was well, i woke up one...
  5. M

    From Michigan a nice place to be from! Not

    to Live!! I st the name Metro Growth came about not for marijuana growing purposes. I came from an idea of working with others to support & help grow as a community bring back pride & prosperity by working together.420 Magazine ® The laws ie; I don't like politics, though Michigan is all...
  6. B

    HELLO ! - "Breeder D" here

    Hey everyone, > I just seen the posting rules, so all I will say is Hello from Ontario CANADA, I am "Breeder D" the chief genetic engineer and founder of a seed bank > I previously ran a Hemp Store/Seed Shop in Niagara Falls called Hemp Culture in 2004 and 2005 on Lundy's Lane. I closed...
  7. uofseeds

    hi from Robot of the University of Seeds

    High 420 Magazine! Franco from the greenhouse posted a link to this site on our forum and I am really impressed with what I found here. A great community with good communication skills with out the arguments you can find on other websites. It seems like people are more grown up on this site :)...
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