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    What strain am I growing?

  2. strain help have hard time seeing

    strain help have hard time seeing

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    First gorilla grow - Help

    I relised growing season is coming faster then I thought and wanted to get some help on my first grow. One of my first issues is the strain I want a hybrid that favors sativa more and something that can grow up in the northern parts of the usa. Also I have some different bags of soil laying...
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    Choosing the strain - Help

    Hi everyone my names Kev , im new here I need local experts help choosing the right strain for my setup for MAX YIELD AND GOOD POTENCY Im thinking dutch passions AUTO ULTIMATE ,AUTO XTREME or ULTIMATE x WHITE WIDDOW (they are 550g+per m2) What are your thoughts on what strain would be the max...
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    I need help

    Hello, all, thanks for reading. This is about to get a little specific. I need a good strain that can withstand a lot of rainfall, water-wise, and strength-wise, and heat ranging from 75-95F during the day, and 68-80 during the night. Since my location is just at the equator, we have 12/12...
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