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strain identification

  1. Male female? Strain??

    Male female? Strain??



  3. UNKOWN Strain

    UNKOWN Strain

    need help figuring this out It's about 2 weeks into veg.
  4. druglife

    What are these strains and are they ready to harvest?

    I'm pretty sure this will be considered weed porn :Namaste: I'm growing outdoors in South Africa, since 27 July 2015. All from bagseed. Some weed I bought was labelled by the dealer as "skunk, swazi, ect". Most of it was just "local" or weed I didn't know the name off. I have 15 or so plants...
  5. R

    Can These Buds Be Smoked?

    Hello everyone, where I stay, MJ grows wild at the sides of our streets, and at the front porch of our home. I'm really not sure about their strain and quality though. So today I took a chance and picked up some buds from the plants growing near my residence. Will I get high if I smoked...
  6. R

    Need some help with home grow please!? (absolutely newbie to weed growing)

    Hello everyone, this is my first time growing marijuana. Where I stay, (that is by the way near Kolkata, India) marijuana grows wild. So I decided to clone one of them and I cut a branch and planted it in a flower pot. But I'm so unsure about the strain, and how much yield it's going to give me...
  7. mordjah

    Hello World - strain id - and general first grow questions

    Hello, I've been lurking awhile now and wanted to step out into the light and say hello :) I'm a nerd in general (electronics and computers the best toys, if i need an hid ballast, i'll build one..) and been a smoker for years.. recently discovered how much better it works for old knees and...
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