strain identification

  1. M

    Need knowledge on a strain: To keep or not to Keep

    Hello All Long time lurker first time poster. Figured its time to finally get on here since ive started taking my hobby more seriously. Ive been doing small grows for years trying out different strains just for pleasure. I have some connections in the seed industry and so the reason im here...
  2. Male female? Strain??

    Male female? Strain??



  4. UNKOWN Strain

    UNKOWN Strain

    need help figuring this out It's about 2 weeks into veg.
  5. druglife

    What are these strains and are they ready to harvest?

    I'm pretty sure this will be considered weed porn :Namaste: I'm growing outdoors in South Africa, since 27 July 2015. All from bagseed. Some weed I bought was labelled by the dealer as "skunk, swazi, ect". Most of it was just "local" or weed I didn't know the name off. I have 15 or so plants...
  6. R

    Can These Buds Be Smoked?

    Hello everyone, where I stay, MJ grows wild at the sides of our streets, and at the front porch of our home. I'm really not sure about their strain and quality though. So today I took a chance and picked up some buds from the plants growing near my residence. Will I get high if I smoked...
  7. R

    Need some help with home grow please!? (absolutely newbie to weed growing)

    Hello everyone, this is my first time growing marijuana. Where I stay, (that is by the way near Kolkata, India) marijuana grows wild. So I decided to clone one of them and I cut a branch and planted it in a flower pot. But I'm so unsure about the strain, and how much yield it's going to give me...
  8. mordjah

    Hello World - strain id - and general first grow questions

    Hello, I've been lurking awhile now and wanted to step out into the light and say hello :) I'm a nerd in general (electronics and computers the best toys, if i need an hid ballast, i'll build one..) and been a smoker for years.. recently discovered how much better it works for old knees and...
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