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    Sour Banana Sherbet

    Happy new year my cannabis loving and canna-curious friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and I can’t think of a better way to start the new year off than reviewing our next medical marijuana strain! Today we will be talking about an amazing hybrid strain I purchased at...
  2. T


    The First 90 Minutes” Episode 10 Dela Haze 70/30S Holistic Industries / Liberty Cannabis Somerville, Ma Dispensary Agent: Peter What’s up all my cannabis loving and canna-curious friends! Welcome back to another episode of The First 90 Minutes! Today we will be toking and talking about a strong...
  3. T

    818 Headband

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 11 Strain: 818 Headband Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Vitality collection (Sativa) Dispensary Agent: Peter Percentages: 19.50% THC / 0.39% CBD Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends! Today we are going to talk about a pretty...
  4. Cannabelle

    Delicious Cotton Candy Strain Review

    Strain Name - Delicious Cotton Candy, Delicious Seeds, Feminized (also known as: Cotton Candy Kush) From - Home grown from Herbie's Seeds @ ! Delicious Cotton Candy Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds When - Harvest 3-10-15 Cure Time - 2+ months for the best smell and taste. Otherwise, the...
  5. S

    Big Buddha Blue Cheese Grow

    Got four big buddha blue cheese in veg, couple more weeks and they are ready for flower. Will update weekly. Simple grow.. 1.2 grow tent Fluorescent light for veg 600w HPS for flower Growing in canna coco with A&B nutes. :rollit:
  6. M

    Baked Potato Grand Daddy Purple

  7. S

    Fruit Punch - Hawaiin - Haze - N.L. - Hybrid - Soon To Other Strains

    :thumb:this strain is very well rounded stone,its great for day toking,high trippy but yet non paranoia effects due to haze.tastes fruity/skunky but yet a liitle nuetral at taste until exhale then it hangs on ur pallet/tounge for a bit.great for stress/anxiety,gives cotton mouth like a...
  8. thspot

    ThsPot & LunchBreaks Strain Review Thread

    Me and LunchBreak will be starting a Strain review. We will be trying to post bi-weekly reviews if we don't get to busy. My first review will be tonight. See you guys then.
  9. R

    Best Bud In Cali?

    As an introduction, I'm planning on taking a trip to California for a few weeks. Being from the east coast, I was hoping to sample some strains from dispensaries in Cali, and have a friend who works in one. I'm more or less just trying to figure out, what would the top five strains be to sample...
  10. M

    Pick my first plants!

    So i got a order off the tude took advantage of every freebie possible i was thinking to start with something realtively low odor while i make sure my carbon filter is up to par DANK means im leaning towards it and any info on these strains are appreciated 5x g13 Pineapple Express 1x g13...
  11. ilikebike

    Nirvana's PPP Grow - Strain Review

    Ok well i purchased 5 feminized seeds from Nirvana Seed Bank in September 2011. 2/5 seeds germinated. Since then i have cloned the plant twice, harvested once, and coming up on my next harvest. Nirvana's PPP Overall: A Grow Details Medium: Lowes Potting Soil Nutrients: 10-10-10 Shultz Liquid...
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