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    Unknown Strain

    Anyone have any clues on how to identify a strain? All I know is that my girl is a Sativa. Found the seed in some bud I bought from a buddy. I've sampled the bottom branches/flowers. Nice smoke so far. I'm 5 weeks into flowering, needing to know how much longer I have till harvest more or less...
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    Best Bud In Cali?

    As an introduction, I'm planning on taking a trip to California for a few weeks. Being from the east coast, I was hoping to sample some strains from dispensaries in Cali, and have a friend who works in one. I'm more or less just trying to figure out, what would the top five strains be to sample...
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    Need some advice about strains

    Ok I live in Northern Michigan and its cool up here year round. Winters are brutly. My new garden is out in the garage. I do have heaters but Im looking for some high-yeild strains that grow in cooler temps. My search has been unsussecefull. So with so many people growing I would like to heard...
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    Strain type?

    3 and a half weeks into flower. looks good female but i have no clue what kind it is? ..... ....
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