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  1. S

    New grower, what strain to grow?!

    Basically my situation is that I'm going to be growing in a wooden box, 33cm x 37cm x 51cm, i know it's small, but its just a start. I'll be using a 250W dual spectrum cfl, and hope to scrog the plant to maximise my space. Stealth is very important so I'm looking for a strain that won't...
  2. Oful33

    What is this?

    Hello. I'm new to growing and also to this forum, so I would like to apologise if it's wrong section to post posts like this, but it's the closest I have found. First of all, this is my first growth and I DON'T KNOW what strain is this and where the seeds came from. I have been growing this one...
  3. M

    M1's Multi Strain - 1500W - DWC/Soil - Grow - Lots of Resources

    Hello everyone, let me be the first to wish you all a great day and :welcome: you to my grow. During this grow I will be recording in depth over all plant health, growth, characteristics of strains and the method to my madness. Here I would like to share information and learn how other people...
  4. M

    Strain selection for Balcony Grow #3

    Hi all, after one year break I want to start another balcony grow. I don't have many experiences with different strains. During previous grows I chose mostly recent Cannabis Cup (CC) winners, mostly from Barny's Farm. I heard a lot of rumors that CC is not what it used to be and it is more...
  5. N

    Wild Thai + CFL - Indoor Grow

    What strain is it? - Wild Thai Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? -100% sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? -veg If in Veg... For how long? -veg 3 month outdoor (by my friend) -veg 4 days indoor (by me) Soil or Hydro? -Soil Size of light? -2x 40watt cfl How often are you...
  6. GreenH0rn

    The perfect strain for SCrog technique under 2x600W

    Hello everyone What is the perfect strain for SCrog technique under 2x600W for maximum yield? Any guide for SCrog technique? TNX:thumb:
  7. GreenH0rn

    How to make Feminised Plants to start flower? & Perfect Strain

    Hello everyone I was thinking about my next grow and I need some help which strain to choose. I have two questions, How do I make Feminised Plants to start flower? And my second question is which strain to choose depending on maximum yield, short hight, short growing time from seed to...
  8. jOllie Rodger

    My new F1 cross Medically Enriched Happiness for Festive Functions (AKA) M.E.H.F.F.

    Medically Enriched Happiness for Festive Functions (AKA) M.E.H.F.F. (62.5% indica) (37.5% sativa) (Clone) Dream Queen (75% indica) (25% sativa): Skunk #1 x Unknown Sweet Leaf Indica ??? X (Nirvana Seeds): Ice (50% indica) (50% sativa) True Breeding Genetics: Afghan x Shiva x Northern...
  9. M

    Pick my first plants!

    So i got a order off the tude took advantage of every freebie possible i was thinking to start with something realtively low odor while i make sure my carbon filter is up to par DANK means im leaning towards it and any info on these strains are appreciated 5x g13 Pineapple Express 1x g13...
  10. Icemud

    Christmas Buds! Mid 1990's strain: Anyone remember and know what strain?

    Hey everyone.... Back in Chicagoland and I believe throughout the midwest, around every Christmas there used to be a strain that came out called Christmas buds. I mentioned this on another thread but felt it deserved its own thread in search of what it exactly was. These buds were so...
  11. ItsTimmyMan

    Unknown strain, Outdoor grow, 2 month flowering?! - Pictures

    I have a plant I've been growing for about 2 months now, it's not the biggest plant, but it has started to flower already. I have other plants just as old growing, but none of them flowering. It may be because I've been taking it inside for the past 2-3 nights early and putting it out later, but...
  12. G

    Cannabis Sativa - Elephant - Any help?

    I got these clones from a friend of a friend called "Elephant." I can't find any useful info on them. Can anyone help? I have had them for 6 weeks, and I'm just starting to flower them. They are a very bushy beast! Thats all I know. I would post pics but I spent all my money on...
  13. R

    Blue Dream

    Strain: Blue Dream:yummy: Type: 80%sativa/20%indica THC: 17%:) Origins: Blueberry X Haze Lights: 12bulb 4ft T5 lights for VEG 24 hours and 1 1000watt HPS at 12 on and 12 off. Growen in: 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallon of water in it. 6 inch potted lids filled with...
  14. WestSideGrow

    What's you're favorite strain?

    Hello 420 members, just pondering on my thoughts and I have to say, Larry OG has to be (hands down) my favorite strain of all time. 1. Larry OG 2. Train wreck 3. Bubuwreck Larry OG had the most hairs then any other strain I've smoked, even more so then orange kush. Gave me a nice body high...
  15. H

    Would like to start large discussion on reveg

    HELLO :420: aright so recently i have been very interested in attempting to reveg plants to keep genetics of special plants alive. i have also read in different places that revegging plants can increase the potency of buds. the purpose of this post is to find all the best methods of...
  16. J

    Short strain

    What is a relatively short strain in height. I have a smaller grow space.
  17. F

    How do I find out the strain?

    Morning all :) We were given a mother plant ... From what I have read I'm sure it's cannabis - how, now do I find out the strain... I want to ask intelligent questions but I have some unknowns to deal with... Anyone have a trick to share? Thanks in advance :)
  18. sativaskater

    Strain you want to try

    anybody have a particular strain that they want to try? i personally want to get my hands on some ak 47 and headband.
  19. jwb87

    Good Stealth Strain?

    Hey guys n gals, Lookin to start up growing as a first timer all around and going with DWC. Ive been looking into some autoflowering lowryders for a good n00b attempt to get the jist of things. Some that I have been contemplating are the blue himalaya x diesel and the purple jems. Another...
  20. K


    So i went a little over budget on my first grow room. A buddy of mine collected rare seeds awhile back in hopes of growing, and had offered to supply me with whatever i needed once i was up and running. He brings me 8 seeds of what he says is called "Heinous". Out of all 8 seeds only one...
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