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  1. T

    Feminized seed questions?

    Can you make feminized seeds with pollen sacks from a hermie strain on a female non-hermie strain Or will this produce hermie seeds?
  2. T

    Please help with a "supposed" strain called "afternoon delight"

    Does anyone have info on a strain called "Afternoon Delight"? I have not been able to find anything through google and many forums dealing with cannabis. I'm trying to find out what are the best conditions for great growth/yields with this strain. I bought about 7 grams from a collective here...
  3. B

    What is "Frozen Haze"?

    Hi, has anyone heard of "frozen haze"? This guy was trying to sell me some but I never heard of this strain, I searched for it on the Internet but I found nothing about it. The guy tells me that it's like "Purple haze" except that it taste better. Maybe its some known weed and he chose to call...
  4. N

    Autoflowering vs "Normal" strains

    Hey everybody! I'm starting my first indoor grow, and I have a few questions about differences between autoflowering strains and normal strains... So I basically have 3-3.5 months to complete my grow and harvest. To avoid cutting it close, I decided to purchase seeds of the autoflowering...
  5. V

    Strain help!

    Hey i just finished growing a nice lemon skunk just harvested it on East Coast. It started turning purple so i Clipped it...BUT MY QUESTION IS I just bought some fine herb, its different than anything ive smelled or had before. IT SMELLS LIKE LICORICE and candy, then with a slight SLIGHT mint...
  6. Dank Budz

    16 Strains, 4 Grows, Cross your fingers!

    Hello I am new to 420mag, this is my first journal, lets help each other. Ok so I actually have 19 different strains at work right now. But 3 are going to be leaving the garden soon. Strains: White Widow Maui Wowie Black Frost Frosty Wreck Auto Blueberry x Auto Ak47 Thai Super...
  7. flank


    Smoked this beauty once a while ago and LOVED the type of high it gave me. Really big fan. I'm considering to grow this for my first grow, and i know where to get the seeds and all, I just haven't heard much about it on here (can't seem to find it)... and the only review i can find isn't the...
  8. T

    Indoor strain

    What is your favorite indoor strain?
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