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  1. G

    THC Biomed Clones - Opium & Atomical Haze

    Tent 2'x4'x6' Lights: Meizhi 278w led, 315W Ceramic Metal Halide, Gavita Pro DE 750w HPS Intake: 4" vortex with a Horti Control Shroom filter Exhaust: 6" vortex and 6" carbon filter Soil: Promix Organic Herb and Veggie mix Strains: Opium and Atomical Haze from THC Biomed, Temp:25-28C...
  2. M

    Seed order warning

    sorry but dinafem strains are too bad. and i am still waiting my order over 38days. anybody knows where are strains good and which site is trustable
  3. Jackalope

    94 strains

    Finally broke down and cataloged all my strains into reg and fem. Ended up with 45 regular strains and 49 female strains. While some of the female seeds ( around 10 ) are single seed freebies. All these were collected over the last 15 years. Some I really wanted to grow tell I got other strains...
  4. wildride

    8 Diff Strains - Waste Not - Want Not

    A room of consisting of 39 Clones( 9 Diff Strains) I was gonna Toss Away, Mostly in 3 Gallon Rose Pots, 5 in 5 5gal Pails in a Test Hydro Setup ( Off to Left in Pick), and 6 in small 1 Litre Plastic Starter Pots ( Cant Believe I Havent Thrown out yet lol). The Room was waiting for a bunch of...
  5. S

    The THCV unicorn in Indica or hybrid

    I'm having a tough time finding strains with notable THCV levels ... particularly in a strain that would also address insomnia. My wife has major insomnia which can be addressed by Indica strains but it seems to be the Sativas that typically have THCV. THCV reduces the munchies issue which is...
  6. Jackalope

    Standing the test of time

    New strains are popping up everyday. But how good are they really. Fads and trends control lots of breeding today. Hence all the Cookies and Gorilla cross strains everyone has. My Question: What strains do you think will stand the test of time and be around 20 years from now?
  7. M

    Looking for large database of cannabis photos

    Yo, Basically I'm trying to make an app which would require a large database of fairly good quality photos of grade and I'm wondering if anyone may be able to help me in where to find some reliable pics of ganja. Any help much appreciated Bless up
  8. Ron Strider

    How Different Types Of Marijuana Affect Your Orgasms

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that having sex while high is amazing. Women who've reported their experiences claim that their orgasms were longer, stronger and in some cases multiple. A less known but still-interesting fact is that different strains of cannabis affect your body and...
  9. Pterostychus

    Poll - What autoflower strain would you like to see in my next journal ?

    Dear 420 members, The reason why i do this poll is to have you guys help me make a choice ... As I cant decide which strain to grow and there are countless iterations on this forum of a lot of classic strains grow journals, why not let people decide what they want to see ... I've made a...
  10. Ty Palmer

    Neuropathy strains

    My grandma has neuropathic pain which is now disrupting sleep. She is 94. Anybody know of strains which might help? Much thanks!
  11. G


    Bless up, V.I representer in the Nor Cal region, just looking to make a few contacts with other passionate and skilled growers to trade knowledge, learn and hopefully spread some of the knowledge I have, I am also willing to test strains and give accurate feedback, and very open to suggestions...
  12. Skullman420

    A question about modern strains and why they breed for such low CBD levels

    If you take a look at most modern strains, CBD levels are so low it's almost like they try to breed it out of the plant alltogether. I keep wondering why? Is it the only way you can raise THC to the insane levels some of the modern strains have or is there another reason? I mean CBD doesn't harm...
  13. S

    Day 50 in flower for first timer - Fruity strains - Buds looking small

    Under 2, 300w (5 watt bulbs) led lights. 3 strains ( blueberry, strawberry kush, pineapple haze)5 plants first grow. 65-75 day strains from ilgm. They are all short plants of 2ft. I topped and did LST during veg. They've always been 2 weeks behind most grows for growth progress. The buds just...
  14. N

    Most potent strains available in seed!

    Looking for some Potent Photoperiod strains that's available in seed form from Seedbanks! Please do not reply if it's a "Clone Only" or "Autoflowering" strain! Thank You all for your reply! Happy and safe growing!
  15. Chris Scorpio

    CBD Home Test Kits - Any Suggestions

    Hey all, has anyone tried and/or recommend any test kits?? I am growing a few CBD strains and want to be able to test the actual CBD in them. As well as test dispensaries strains to see if they are close to described. I hope to start making oils to assist with my Back pain and sleep issues...
  16. LiveAndLetGro

    Advice On Next Grow - Which Strains &How Many Plants In My Setup?

    Hello Fellow Farmers! I am looking to get a bit of advice from anyone who has experience with any of the following strains. These are the strains I have to choose from when preparing for my next grow. I have just started to flower my first grow and all is well thus far. I wanted to get an idea...
  17. jonny131

    Strains to combat pancreatic cancer

    can anyone help me my wife has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I am hoping somebody on here can tell me the most suitable strains to grow to try to combat this terrible disease, I am currently rearing whitewidow+big bud hybrid and shark shock these are going into flower 12/12 this...
  18. N

    Strains request

    Howdy folks. I'm still new to growing though I do hope to get an indoor setup soon. So I'm looking for a few types of strains sold as regular seeds, not feminized, so I can produce my own seeds and keep a constant supply of my favourite strains. I'd also prefer regular to autoflower seeds since...
  19. G

    DWC Grow

    Hello everyone, my friend keeps buggin me to post one of my grows on here so hopefully I cam make some friends and learn something from it ! So here goes, What strain is it? Super critical, safire og, chemdog, green crack, tangerine dream, fruity cronic juice and god bud (alot i know, i...
  20. BraicaBrick

    Outdoor/Greenhouse Strains For New England Area

    As more people decide to exercise their right to grow around the New England area, they might need some help figuring out what strains have what it takes to bond with the outdoor elements. Top Strains for the Northeast?
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