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  1. M

    Buds mutated lost hairs?

    Buds mutating, please need help. I've been growing for years have never had this problem. I've got a light depo greenhouse have 4 strains all about 4 weeks into bud stage about 1 week ago the og kush lost its hairs and pods are swelling. It appears that the plants are rejuvenating like I...
  2. S

    Best strains for anxiety?

    I picked up a few high cbd strains because ppl said their good for anxiety. I haven't received them yet. CBD Rene, Afghani CBD, Cannatonic. I haven't smoked in like 16 years. I stopped back then because of the paranoid feeling i always got and made my anxiety that much worse. Just wondering...
  3. P

    Sour Kosher or Sour Tangie?

    I want opinions and input on these two strains from DNA and Reserva Privada. I am going to grow one or the other on my next grow. And the bigger yielding bushier plant with better resin production is what i am looking for. I love both strains flavor and effect wise. Just figured i would see...
  4. Jackalope

    The art of the cure

    I have always started smoking when my plants are dry. I don't rush it and let each plant dry at its own rate. Not much humidity where I live so that makes it nice. The jars in the back row always seem to taste better. I am finally growing out a lot of the strains I have collected over time...
  5. Jackalope

    10 Strains At Once

    Do to a heat and fan problem I lost a lot of plants and had to start more seeds. With 5 and 10 packs of seeds I couldn't just replace the plants I lost. So I had to start different strains. I like variety so I usually run at least 4 strains. 10 strains is a bit much to keep track of. I managed...
  6. E

    Male Sogouda crossed with Somari

    This is another favorite I must breed,in crossing This with 4 other strains. The lower pic is a Male SOMARI,, I will be re crossing this with Holy Grail kush,and a few other strains. I NEVER would have decided to breed,but my seed bank closed down, and I'm the last person to really collect...
  7. totalnoob

    Recomended strains for outdoor in northeast?

    First time grower with a preference for sativa type effects. We will be starting indoors and moving outside after the last frost. Looking for something that finishes early. Have my eye on Kalashnikova from GHS. Says it finishes late Sept for northern climates. Anybody have any input on that...
  8. Curly Beaver

    Can you mix different strains under a scrog?

    This summer I'd like to try my hand at an outside scrog and would like to know if I'd run into problems by mixing 3-4 different strains together. Last year I made a 4' X 8' covered wagon and I'm considering putting a screen on it this year with 6 to 8 five gallon Smart Pots. If I arranged the...
  9. Skullman420

    Looking for the ultimate couch lock - Indica dominant recommandations

    Always been a fan of indica dominant hybrids that makes you completely stoned. I love that narcotic feeling when watching tv-series/movies or simply just for a good nights sleep. Some favourites are Nortern lights, White widow, Big bud What I am basically asking for here is tips for strains...
  10. T

    Three AutoFlower Strains Planted Same Day

    Three different strains of feminized autoflower seeds from Bonza. They were all planted on 1/20/17 in a 4' x 4' x 6' grow tent and are under a 1000 watt MH bulb for 18 hours a day (18/6 cycle). My question is, why are the plants so petite? No issue germinating, Proper Watering, Soil Tended...
  11. T

    Many conditions - Main concern is a concussion

    Yeah Hi, I have PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks, fibromyalgia, asthma, and painful arthiritis. I usually use Indica's to treat these things, occasionally hybrids. Right now I have a Sativa called Viper, and an Indica dominant called Chemo to chose from, but I...
  12. 4

    New Strains!

    I'm actually a bit disappointed that CKS didn't post any advertising about the new strains that they have listed on their website. I have no idea when Durban Poison and Jack Diesel became available, but I know I'm going to be wandering down to the CKS office asap to pick up some new seeds. Now...
  13. K

    CA: Emerald Cup Winners Prove That Strains Low In THC Can Be High Quality Marijuana

    The 2016 field of Emerald Cup-winning strains prove that the best cannabis doesn't always contain the highest levels of THC. The Northern California competition, which recognizes the region's best achievements in organic outdoor marijuana cultivation, awarded prizes to several strains...
  14. deadxringer

    Lighting for autoflowers

    I've heard lots of different things when it comes to the light schedule used for autoflowering strains. If you grow autos I'd like to know what you use and why.
  15. J

    1st grow please evaluate my list of proposed purchases

    I was thinking : hydro planet 31 x 60 x 80 tent? is it junk?? 2 ea. Mars Hydro reflector 96's? are they worthy? a 6" fan and controller and carbon filter?? big enough to cool the lights? was planning on 2 or 3 plants in large pots. 3 dif strains possibly?? is this doable?? was...
  16. R

    New Strains

    Haven't heard any chat yet on the subject. What new strains next year will you all be trying out???!!! I am looking forward to get the Durban Poison. Most of my plants are indica, I have one Auto Amnesia Haze however for my setup feminized is better.
  17. SMO MAN

    Managing Multiple Strains

    Growing from CLONES not from SEEDS- I have been collecting different strains for a while now and I don't want to lose any of them. Since I do not have seeds, I need to keep at least one of each strain growing. Unfortunately, that's not practical, (for several reasons). While my regular crop...
  18. S

    Deformed leaves - Was I hoaxed in Amsterdam?

    Hey. Guys, So I bought this autoflowering feminized White Widow seeds in Amsterdam half a year ago, and decided to grow at home for the first time. I germinated directly into the soil( bad move only 1 of 4 sprouted), and put it under the light in a grow box. The first leaves came out ok, but...
  19. C

    Best strains for outdoor - Oregon

    Hello All - I am looking for a reliable strain to grow outdoor in Oregon - that will produce high yields, and dense buds - I grow entirely organic - I have grown Blue dream- (Large plant but did not dense up-), Diesel (not high performance) - Is it true that Sativa will dense less than an...
  20. B

    Berzerker's Garden

    Hello this is my first journal here, so I'll just list some of the strains I am running
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