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  1. DeltaTango

    Strange goings on with how the stem is growing

    Whats going on with this plant its first leaves from seed one was damaged so maybe stress? Will it flower ok? Any opinions any one please ?
  2. J

    Strange dots on leaves and also strange grow of new leaves

    Hello all, I grow Ayahuasca plant. In the last day top leaves start to grow very strange - like folded into itself. In addition several of leaves have a strange dots on the leaves. In the start the distance was 35-40cm but now after the dots poped out the distance between the plant and HPS was...
  3. T

    Please help - No one can tell me what this is

    Plants seem to be getting worse with this strange problem plz help
  4. B

    Slow growth and strange leaves

    Hi I have 3 plants and with one of them i have a problem. She grows slower than the rest and have strange 'wavy' (?) 'wrinkled' leafs. Im using soil and nutrients like as always before. Seeds are of very good quality. Its they 14 day of grow Photo: Any ideas?
  5. H

    Is she a hermie?

    This is my first grow, out of the four, one seems to be acting very strange This one already has a lot of crystals on the leaves where as the others in pre-flower do not. They are also all in week five of ten and this one is the only one showing these strange nodes under the leaves This...
  6. K

    Help for my plant - pH?

    Hello everyone, First I would like to thank in advance for your help and sorry for my english. Plant sprouting on 09/22/16 tell you three bags back what happened and tell me what the situation all grown under the same conditions were the same bags, gave only water until the second week and then...
  7. K

    CA: CCWD Board Members Express Concern About Director's Cannabis-Growing Application

    Several Calaveras County Water District board members expressed concern about board president Terry Strange's application for a commercial cannabis farming permit, but no action was taken at a special meeting Thursday called to discuss the matter. The board, however, schedule further...
  8. J

    Strange bud type

    Hi Crew I have a very slow starter here in 4th week of flower...took approx 2 weeks to show sex type and is now starting to flower. I have 2 heads that are showing a strange formation. Anyone seen anything like this? I am hoping that it will turn into a big fat bud but still am a little...
  9. P

    Very strange growth at week 5 of flower - Please help!

    Hi, this is my 5th or 6th grow and i feel i have had every problem in the book, spider mites, too much heat, fans that make my room sound like an airport, to name a few. But there was always all the answers i needed on here to help me fix the problem. But I've been looking on the internet for...
  10. Z

    Very Strange Rot Problem

    Hello, my plants are all outdoor, in about week 3ish of flower and they are doing very well except occasionally a very strange powdery mold will appear on a stem or branch and just destroy it and everything above it will die. I have never heard of or experienced this. This stem was just...
  11. S

    Strange things

    This is my 3rd grow and my plants keep getting stranger each time. Got nice bud's each time ,but always the top 20 IN.turn's to one giant bud and the plant is right up to my light. This time I have the same, but the bud's seem to be starting new growth, strange especially since it's close to...
  12. D

    Deformed First True Leaves

    It's been about a week, and so far these alien antennae leaves are all that have appeared. It looks like the first serrated leaves tried to form but compacted themselves into strange deformed lumps. Has anyone ever seen this before? Will it survive and eventually produce normal leaves? Any help...
  13. Kushe

    Wierd Slump

    hi, i planted a new seedling outside about 2 weeks ago (they will be put inside in the winter) and yesterday it was standing tall, but today when i checked it it was in a wierd slump where about 1/2 inch of stem under the leaves is going straight up, then about 3 to 4 inches of the stem are...
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