1. strapped420

    Plant given to me - Flowering early - Extremely small - Any advice?

    What Strain is it? Unknown Possibly Kush How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering. If in Flowering Stage... How Long? I Got it July 4th. I'm thinking it started late June. Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor Soil If Soil: Currently in MG. Will be doing a new soil...
  2. strapped420

    Completed Strapped420: Headie Seed - Outdoor - 2nd Time!

    Hey, So gonna make this short and simple.... I had 10 seedlings,,,and JUST Potted 4... They were spotted by a farmer, if you look at my last grow journal, you will see how my grow spot is. So i moved them, And next day, All my hard work, drilling holes, mixing Soil, A good chunk of change gone...
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