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strawberry banana

  1. Strawberry Banana Sugar

    Strawberry Banana Sugar

    A nice dab, ready for terps and mixing
  2. Filled cartridge

    Filled cartridge

    Super Tropical Glue, Strawberry Banana Sugar, Myrcene and Lemonine, great together.
  3. Syringe with terps wax and sugar

    Syringe with terps wax and sugar

    Strawberry Banana Sugar , Super Tropical Glue, Myrcene and Lemonine syringe ready to fill a cartridge
  4. PurpleGunRack

    The American Dream

    The American Dream New world genetics in the old world Crystal Cookies --- Ken's Grand Daddy Purp --- Green Crack --- Strawberry Banana --- (Mendo Kush x Cookies & Cream) x Do-si-dos Welcome to my new grow 420 friends :Namaste: This is gonna be a fun round growing a nice variety...