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  1. TurboBucket

    Dutch Seeds Shop Granddaddy Purple & Strawberry Banana

    I was fortunate enough to receive some free seeds from our friend at @Dutch Seeds Shop . I have granddaddy purple and strawberry banana. The seeds were soaked in a cup of water in the refrigerator for a couple of days. I had 5 GDP, 4 strawberry, 2 red diesel, 2 blue dream and 1 silver gorilla...
  2. 231Grower303

    Michigan Grower: Follow My Journey!

    Hey, fellow growers! New to this site but over the last 8 years have been a grower as a caregiver, personal use, and as a commercial head grower in CO. Haven't had my own personal grow in a while, and wanted to share it with the 420 community. Currently running just a small grow, and will be...
  3. HayStack

    Haystack Just Can't Stop

    So, I dunno. This seems all to fun for me to stop now. I've started another grow and decided to start yet another journal to record my grow. My latest grow consists of two Sour Diesel Lemon Kush plants (Foreground in pic.) and two Guava Jelly plants (Background in pic.) I'll be growing again in...
  4. Strawberry Banana Sugar

    Strawberry Banana Sugar

    A nice dab, ready for terps and mixing
  5. Filled cartridge

    Filled cartridge

    Super Tropical Glue, Strawberry Banana Sugar, Myrcene and Lemonine, great together.
  6. Syringe with terps wax and sugar

    Syringe with terps wax and sugar

    Strawberry Banana Sugar , Super Tropical Glue, Myrcene and Lemonine syringe ready to fill a cartridge
  7. PurpleGunRack

    The American Dream

    The American Dream New world genetics in the old world Crystal Cookies --- Ken's Grand Daddy Purp --- Green Crack --- Strawberry Banana --- (Mendo Kush x Cookies & Cream) x Do-si-dos Welcome to my new grow 420 friends :Namaste: This is gonna be a fun round growing a nice variety...
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