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strawberry cough

  1. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 39 flower 2018
  2. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 39 flower 2018
  3. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 39 of flowering
  4. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 28 of flower
  5. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 22 into flowering
  6. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 22 into flowering
  7. Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Curious' Strawberry Cough

    Day 22 into flowering.
  8. M

    New grower from Texas

    Hi, everyone who reads. I have been smoking flower for almost a year now, I love it of course. I’m a very curious minded person, so of course I start finding new ways to smoke, blunts, joint, bongs, etc. then of course turned into “hmm can I grow my own plant and smoke it” to me that’s the peak...
  9. Musashigrow

    My Grow Journal - White Widow - Strawberry Cough - Northern Light

    Hi all of 420 members!! Today I started grow, and I'll up to Grow Journals every week, Please let me know some advice, and please look over me with loving eyes, Strains : White Widow (Feminised) x5 (NIRVANA seeds) Northern Light (Feminised) x5 (NIRVANA seeds) Strawberry Cough (Feminised) x2...
  10. Day 1

    Day 1

  11. Lady Vadalon

    Cultivating In My Arboretum

    I just planted some: Afghani it is an indica, Hindu Kush is a pure indica, 707 Truthband 30% Sativa; 70% Indica, Amherst Sour Diesel 70% sativa; 30% indica and Strawberry Cough80% Sativa / 20% Indica Everything is from seeds I'm not sure how long I am going to Veg They will flower...
  12. S

    hey new grower

    Hey everyone I'm a new grower in mass. Ill keep pics posted. My babies are from 2-5 weeks old.
  13. Indicas

    Kosher Kush / Strawberry Cough

    Plants: Kosher Kush & Strawberry Cough Lights: 4 Compact Fluorescent Lights = 300 Watt Equivalence -- > Will be adding more 4 more later in growth Medium: Happy Frog Soil Additives: Nitrogen * 2 parts blood meal * 3 parts fish meal Phosporous * 3 parts bone meal * 6 parts rock...
  14. luvsmokinweed

    Is this really a Strawberry Cough plant!?

    There isn't really much left to make a journal from, Im thinking about three days till harvest. Its just something telling me that this isn't a real strawberry cough plant. A friend gave it to me as a seedling. He had no space for it and its was very neglected. I did what I could to bring it...
  15. Pisces-420

    Droopy Leaves Help!?

    Ok so noob grower here. I have an that I have had for 2 months just put into flowering...she is doing amazing. I also have a Strawberry cough clone with droopy leaves. When I bought here she had burnt tips(nutri. burn?) Yet the leaves where at least sticking out. Now she is all droopy what...
  16. PoohBurrMedic

    Strawberry cough review

    This is an OFFICIAL strawberry cough review. Jk. I'm just high. Todays a slow day. Grow is dragging right now. Just waiting for seeds to come up. Watching it is like watching paint dry. So I'm pretty bored. Well I guess I could give you a little review. Since you clicked on this expecting a...
  17. 4

    Strawberry Cough and Cheese Outdoor Grow

    Hello this is 420Chic, I also have an outdoor grow going on. I have to Cheese plants that I bought as clones. Then there is the Strawberry Cough, that girl and I have some history together. Soooooooooo....... So I started her and 4 other seeds all fem strawberry cough. Very first grow...
  18. F

    Freak420's Hydro/Bubble Buckets Strawberry Cough / Jack47 Grow Journal

    Hey 420 this is my first grow journal here and I'm hoping to make it a good one. Any and all comments are more than welcome. Here we go... I'm going to keep two mother plants in a area 4'x2'x6 ½. Lighting for that area will be a sunlight supply 4 foot, 8 tube, high output t-5 fluorescent...
  19. M

    Our First

    So I'm trying to grow for my woman. She smokes for the anti-anxiety effects and as such, we decided to grow Strawberry Cough. Along with our order came an Afghan-Mazar blend. I hope I spelled that right. We've got a space picked out and the lights should be up soon. I'm starting with CFLs...
  20. M

    Strawberry cough - Aeroponic Grow 2

    Howdy folks, This is my second grow in an inexpensive aeroponics system I put together in my phonebooth style shower. It fits perfectly. Anyway I am attempting my second grow, it's really my first official attempt since the first one was very experimental and I stress the mental! It's been an...