strawberry diesel

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  7. BakedARea

    Completed BakedArea's 1st Grow! 2019 Outdoor/Greenhouse: StrawDiesel x Critical+

    Ok :420:Fam! After multiple recommendations from folks here, I'm going to start my first grow journal! Nervously excited. I have wanted to grow for quite some time but never was in a position to start. Last year we purchased our home so now I have MUCH more freedom to do what I want! I love...
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    Strawberry Diesel x Critical Plus
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    Strawberry Diesel x Critical Plus
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    Strawberry Diesel x Critical Plus
  11. hurban420

    Abandoned Chase Winterfield And His First Growdeo - Diesel - Top Feed Hydro - Coco - HPS 150

    Hi out there. Chase Winterfield and this is my first Growdeo so I have a lot to learn and welcome your experience and advice in regards to my garden project. here are the specs: Bucket Size - 11 L / 3 gallon System - Top feed Hydroponic Reservoir - 75 L /20 g Medium - 95% CoCo coir 5%...
  12. snack420

    Completed Snacks - DWC Bucket - 600W MH/HPS Grow Journal - Strawberry Diesel & Super Lemon Haze

    Welcome 420 friends! So, this is my second grow in the basement. The first grow was a single Blue Dream in Coco grown from a feminized seed and started in May 2014. I definitely ran into some problems and received a lot of guidance and support from the 420 Magazine community, which was...
  13. Excited2start

    Completed CFL Grow - Strawberry Diesel - Soil

    Alright ladies and gents, I am here again with another CFL grow. I took a break for a little while from the site. I'm back now and ready to show you what I can do with my setup. So here we go. What strain is it? Strawberry Diesel Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica/Sativa What...
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