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  1. Gypsy58

    SCG Indoor Tent Grow 5/14/21

    Here we go with the second grow. May 12th I dropped two seeds of Strawberry Cough into water. May 13th pull the seeds from the water and put them between a dam paper towel put them in the oven (dark, warm place). Check the seeds today and they've already popped roots. We'll leave it in there for...
  2. 20190406_110711.jpg


    Strawberry Creme
  3. J Obadiah

    J Obadiah's Multi-Strain Clones 2019

    Welcome to Obadiahs Multi Strain 2019 Journal! Thank everyone for stopping by. Very quickly I'm going to poat some content here to get the thread up, so I can finish everything I'm doing on time. So without further adieu, the ladies! We'll begin with the day of their arrival, March 30th, @...
  4. SashaShiva

    Banana Crack, Danky Kong & Strawberry Stardawg x Malawi: ElSasha Seeds

    Here is the thread where these seeds were made Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush Now I am Germinating: Strawberry Stardawg X Malawi Banana Crack X Malawi Danky Kong X Malawi The Strawberry Stardawg and Banana Crack are Holy Smoke Seeds, the Danky...
  5. Scrogdawg

    4 Strawberry Kush F5's - How Red Can We Get 'Em?

    Thanks for taking time to check out my journal. Below is a list of my setup and a few pictures to illustrate where I'm at. Early Days I set 2 Strawberry Kush F5 feminized seeds and 4 Purple Kush in paper towel to germinate on Aug. 11th, 2017. Two Strawberry Kush F5 seeds germinated and were...
  6. G

    What Is The Best Strawberry Auto?

    Am picking out a couple of fruity autos and wondered which are the best strawberry strains?
  7. I

    The Vault

    Whats up 420 magazine, Lurker for years, reading, learning a lot, growing as much as I can. Thank you all for the wonderful information out there, I feel like I can finally contribute. The past few months Ive been photographing interesting flowers that I come across. I use a Canon Mark III...
  8. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 18th August 2017

    Herbies Updates 18th August 2017 Back in stock — You can see the full listing here Soma Amnesia Haze (Cup Winner) 00 Seeds 00 Kush Fems Short Stuff Auto Purple Amnesia Fems Spliff Seeds Blue Medi Kush Fems Spliff Seeds Power Plant Fems Spliff Seeds AK Automatic Fems Spliff Seeds...
  9. M

    The '17 Project

    This is my California medical sungrown project. I am running Darkheart Nursery gear in 100g smartpots, aside from two that are in 30g growbags. My soil is Roots 707. I am using the Earth Juice SeaBlast line of nutrients and will be top dressing with Rainbow mix in a few days. I am using a...
  10. TheBlaze

    TheBlaze - Strawberry Diesel & Darlin's Net Pheno Hunt

    As the title says, this will be my first attempt at full organics. Babies are currently in Freedom Farms organic seedling mix. I will be using the biobizz range, as well as kelpak, EM-prosoil, Humic acid and molasses at the end. They will be vegged for 2 months under 600w HPS, and then moved...
  11. Webuilt

    New Grower In Mass

    Hi All, I have not smoked since college days and worked a job that had drug testing, but now that I am retired and Massachusetts has legalize recreational marijuana, I've decided it's time to relax and grow my own. It has been a cold spring, but has finally warmed up and I have 5 plants in...
  12. T

    2nd Grow: 4 x Strawberry Ice & 2 x Caramelicious, Coco & Mars Hydro 320, 4x4

    Hi Guys, 2nd Grow here. So i though why not start a journal just incase i get into any drama?? So here goes. What strain is it? 4 x Strawberry Ice and 2 X Caramelicious from Amsterdam Seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Strawberry Ice Feminized Profile: Details: Thc...
  13. R

    Outdoor White Strawberry Skunk 100% Organic

    Hello from Australia :) Growing this White Strawberry Skunk for awhile now. Growing medium : 70% Horse Manure & 30% general garden soil. Here is the progress so far :) Please let me know any tips etc to help me out. First Photo i got of this plant growing>...
  14. Demon42069

    Week 5 Flower - Berry Bomb - Cotton Candy - Blueberry Gum - Strawberry Cheesecake

    Good evenin everybody Been gone for a while, lost my internet for a while but recently got it back, still no cable though:Namaste: guess my wiring cant handle it. Just switched to sprint unlimited plan as well so no more 2gb allotments. Anyways, no one missed much with my last grow...
  15. L

    First Grow - Strawberry Ice - White Queen - AK47

    Day 20 I started late but so far so good. Lights 6 42 watt 6500k 2800 lumens 6 23 watt 1600 lumens for veg. I want something better for flowering. Soil fox farm ocean forest Nuts fox farm trio. Grow room right now is 4×6 but may expand my down stairs is around 4000 sq foot of unused...
  16. BluntMonkey

    Northern California Outdoor Breeding With Gorilla Cookies & Several Strains - Pics

    Greetings, Blunt Monkey here returning with some new genetics from the Jungles of the 707. I’ll be showing you the results of the seeds I’ve created while I’ve been away & the new ones I’ll be manifesting with you guys for the next season. Stick around, I may need your help! 707 Gorilla...
  17. J

    It was supposed to be a strawberry cough plant?

    Hello everyone. First time post. I will not waste your time, I need to know what strain I just grew? I got the seeds from a mate, he said they were strawberry cough, I was pretty sceptical but being desperate I did what I could with what I had. Has anyone grown something like this or similar...
  18. ptk2k

    Why does my Sativa dominant plant look extremely Indica?

    hey all! so i've been growing a Strawberry Cheesecake (70% indica) right next to a Sativa Des Rois (AK-47 pheno, 75% sativa) about day 50 from seed. And the AK pheno looks insaneeeely indica. Like prehistoric indica haha. On the other hand, the strawberry cheesecake looks as expected, like a...
  19. B

    New Member Review

    Raspberry cough strawberry cheese cake
  20. S

    How's my girl looking?

    Hey guys, I've posted once before, but to make sure I follow the rules here are the specs of my grow! Strains: Strawberry Cough and Blueberry BC # of Plants: 2 Grow type: Soil Grow Stage: Vegetative Bucket Size: 5 Gallon Light: (1) 400 Watt HPS Nutrients: Fox Farms Big Bloom, Tiger...
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