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  1. M

    Need help with my new grow schedule

    Hi guys I'm looking for people's opinions my nutrient schedule on my schedule I am not that new to growing I have 5 grows under my belt but I've been getting into additives some more now and I see a difference, like should I give it different additives one week and different additives the next...
  2. Hootel

    Hootel's White Widow Fem Autos & Dark Angel

    Hey guys, I am a new grower and need all the help I can get. Thanks to anyone who joins in just to watch and especially for anybodys help. Here we go... What strain is it? White Widow Auto and Dark Angel Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? WW 60 % Indica Is it in Veg or Flower...
  3. Klaatu

    Uh Oh - Problem

    Well I'm not sure what the problem is with my girls, this started just a couple of days ago and they're getting worse fast, other wise, doing very well. My girlies are 3 - Pure Power Plant from seed. 600W. in a 4'X4'X6' tent 50% humidity, (via an, in tent, cool humidifier.) 75 deg. F. (via...
  4. J

    Jd's 1st Grow Journal - MarsHydro Cup 3 Entry

    Been at this a few 24 hours thought I would try My hand at a Journal and enter the Mars-Hydro cup at the same time. Titan Controls Oceanus 1, 12 site Ebb and Flow with a 55 gal Res Res contains 1 disk air-stone and a 150gph pump for circulation. Nutes: General Hydro Grow and Micro 1/8th...
  5. D

    Dingo Grow

    HI mars 2 1600 , tent , 6in filter n fan , soil ph7 , rain water 6.8 , 1 only power feed n12 p1.4 k7 ,seasol kelp extract 1/2 strength, once, in tent small leaf and slow growth in soil ph 7, 30c in temp, is my light to strong , for my young plants? please help .
  6. Habitual


    Not going to reinvent any wheels, just an average grower looking to share with a few friends. I also just think it's good to have a grow under my belt so if I may offer help my work can be referenced. I will be breeding and depending on the first 4 seeds I may start a few fem seeds of the same...
  7. Botani

    Crop King Seeds - White Widow Grow Journal - DWC - SCROG

    DWC Scrog Feminized White Widow​ -Grow Room 4 feet wide 4 feet long 8 feet high -Room temp kept at 22-26 celcius with 40-50% humidity -Will be using Dutch Nutrient Formula A and B two part nutrient formula. Full strength feedings will consist of 5ml of A and 5ml of B per litre of water...
  8. M

    Monza697 - Purple Kush - 1st DWC - 2016

    Purple Kush What strain is it? Indica / Sativa ( 75% Indica ) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg.. 7days in dwc since clone rooted Indoor...secret jardin lodge L120 tent 3x4x5 for veg secret jardin darkstreet DS150 5x5x6.6 for flower Soil or Hydro? Hydro (dwc ) Size of light...
  9. C

    Mother plants - Please help

    hi there everybody I ran into some problems 5 weeks into veg I'm trying to make mother plants ...I finished work went over to my buddys and my plants look burned// light is 2 feet above canopy...my buddy told me he fed them with Alaska fish 5-1-1 at half strength ...and in one or two days after...
  10. P

    Prosody's - 400W - Afghan Skunk - DWC -2016

    Hello everyone. I thank you all for your warm welcome. I have some grows under my belt but never done a journal, so I'm excited for this. Anyway let's get on with the show. What strain is it? Afghan Skunk and Bubba's Gift Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long...
  11. neon green

    Why cut nutes?

    Never really understood the logic behind going anything but full strength on your nutes. Any evidence you should do anything but full strength? Science? Or is I just an emotional thing? Nite company's spend thousands if not 10s of thousands on chemists and botanists to formulate thier blends...
  12. Qapla

    Some Leaves Yellowing - 2 Weeks Into Flower

    Hey guys, finally ran into my first big problem on my first grow. Thought I had done enough research to get through this without a problem. Strain: Nirvana Auto Norther Lights Age: 45 days, 2 weeks into flower Medium: Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 with 20% coarse perlite added(3 gal smart pot)...
  13. S

    Stir's Coco Grow 1

    First off all, I'm new so high all :420: This will just be an experiment as I have not grown in around 10 years Spur of the moment thing when I found a few bag seeds in some decent weed. Goal is to start growing again with great genetics which I will have to import but for now this will...
  14. S

    Leaf curling and dying

    I have 2 strains that are curling their leaves and then drying up and falling off, not sure what the problem is, attaching a pic to this post.. I am going 2/3 strength fertlizer every 3rd watering.
  15. Perfect Sun LED

    Samantha Review - Smoke Report for Auto Mazar by Dutch Passion

    Here is the review for auto Mazar by Dutch Passion. 6 plants yielded 37oz dry at 62% humidity. Numbers are 1 out of 10, and 7 is average. Keep in mind that the smell and taste were affected by Powdery Mildew and the fact that I had to blast the PM off with a hose. I just called...
  16. F

    how to strengthen a grow tent?

    My first grow. I have a Secret Jardin tent that holds 60 pounds. My Magnum XXXL reflector is 35 pounds, the filter is 40 pounds! The fan must weigh 5-10 pounds. Did I over-do it? Should I use a secondary pvc frame? A C-stand?
  17. B

    Testing the strength of edibles

    I want to get into supplying infused butter to cooperatives. It would be perfect if I could test the batches and determine the strength. Since I have read a bit on this topic, it appears that the only way to test for THC is by mass spectrometer (don't have a spare $50K on me this week)...
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