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    New to growing - Please Help!

    Hi. I'm new to this. I have six plants that are sitting in my closet. Im testing 3 in rockwool and the other 3 in coco. The 3 in rockwool doesn't look to good. It could be stressed. Or it could be a hermie. In any case, all of them are in their 4th week in flowering and it's the size of my...
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    Kaia Kush 12d old, can this be a phosphorus deficiency?

    Hey there, 1st attempt to grow but i did research first. So i set up this small cabinet 55'' in height and 20''each side (like an oversized loudspeaker). The inside is covered in Mylar diffusion foil. I am using a CFL Dual Spectrum 150W and i recently added one small 30W cfl @6400K both of...
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