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  1. #3 Stem split!

    #3 Stem split!

    looks like I didn't adjust ties on #3 enough during the stretch...ouch :(
  2. Starting the stretch!

    Starting the stretch!

    Krinkles doing her thang
  3. Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

  4. S

    Weird Flowering Of Humboldt Blue Dream

    I grew two plants from Humboldt Blue Dream seeds. I'm using a DWC setup I've had a lot of success with and constantly check and keep ppm and ph within acceptable ranges. Veg stage went well and I flipped to 12/12 for flower. I severely underestimated the stretch in flower these guys have...
  5. G

    Revolutionary stretch method or just a screwup?

    Two weeks back I had an accident in the room where I keep my two WW, the heater and light fuse had blown and my growtent had freezing temperatures. This was in 3rd week of flower (after changing to 12/12) The plants got 23 hours of darkness and temps gradually dropping down form 18C to 0,5C...
  6. G

    Veg grow light for SCORG

    Ive tried vegging my plants unders 2x250w CFL 6500K at 20cm and under a 580W chinese LED panel at 50cm. My problem have been that the plants turn into short "leaf balls" more than branchy bushes suitable for scrogging. My work around have been to veg the first 5-6 weeks with the lights close...
  7. J

    6wk stretch Sativa - Question

    Hello everyone. I have a crazy Sativa lady who stretched for almost 6 weeks since I flipped to 12/12. She quadrupled in size and is truly a beast. My question, Since this is a first for me, is how long can a Sativa flower? Especially after a stretch that went far beyond what I thought was possible
  8. totalnoob

    Advice on stretch?

    Fastbuds girlscout cookies and lsd25 that emerged from soil Sunday evening. They are in happy frog soil. 12 plants under 8 23w 6500k CFL. Not sure if this is stretch, or just how tall they should be at this stage, as this is my first grow. Tallest one is about 2 3/8". They are 4 days old and...
  9. M

    Looking for info about Royal Kush

    Hi everyone! I popped a seed a while back I got out of bag of Royal Kush. It's looking like it might get tall as it's growing pretty long branches in veg as it is. Is anyone familiar with this strain and how much stretch I can expect from a plant like this? I'm just thinking that if it's going...
  10. Jett

    Help growing too bushing plant

    Hello, My sour diesel is growing very dense. It needs to stretch but I stress it's growing lots of stems. I am using. 300w grow light in a tent. Humidity is 55-79 and temperature is 25-28 I keep the crow light about 3 feet above the plant so it doesn't burn it. Any idea how to make this...
  11. F


    Recently put NL plants into 12/12 stage. observed the first week of stretch commonly occurring. Plants used up a large amount of nutrient fluids understandable. In second week stretch continues ,but use of nutrient fluid dropping by half amount of first week? About same amount of vegetation...
  12. S

    Disaster! 4 weeks into flower - I realize I'm still in Veg!

    10 x 8.5ltr coco autopots have been vegging 4/5 weeks when I though I was in flower. I'd mistaken a 6 for a 9 on the timer. My height is pretty much 70/80% maxed. I'd done some supercropping and stuck a net at about 12". So now I have to contend wth the stretch of a 100cm plant in a...
  13. H

    Unknown strain week 11

    Hi everyone here are a couple of pictures of my lady,I'm now on the start of week 12 the home stretch and I can wait. What do guys think?
  14. Howell

    Need Opinion - How's She Looking Guys?

    So guys I've had this Auto Critical since 25/05/16 and I'll like to know what you guys think. It's been flowering for about two weeks now, and there's no sign of trichomes on her yet.. She's under a 18/6 hours light cycle, I've been feeding her the usual stuff I fed my previous plants which is...
  15. R

    Stealth PC first grow

    This is my first grow so far by myself, started the 30th fed with ff grow big and the other ff for veg, so far it looks like no stretch and leaves look healthy as can be any tips and help is appreciated
  16. ptk2k

    Will gradually shortening days expedite the flower stretch?

    hey all! so i'm wondering if cannabis stretches due to the shortening of days? or is it the 12/12 flip that makes them stretch? if i gradually shorten their light schedule, until it reaches 12/12, will I see less of a stretch after i do flip?
  17. Onkruid

    Height Challenged?

    ~~Pot Causes Paranoia!~~ But not in the way you may be thinking. When growing in an enclosed space I think we're all a little paranoid about the same thing... Height. I have height issues. There, I said it. Height really can be a challenge in our contained grow worlds. Early on...
  18. MedicalMonstr

    DNA GoldenBerry - Kushberry x Jew Gold Cut - Scrog - 1400W HPS/LED - Sativa Dominate

    Here we are on day 40 of when i flipped the lights. I am surprised she didn't stretch more as i wanted more growth above the net for big colas, or will it grow vertically from this point on also? I never really paid attention to the height change after the initial stretch. This is my first scrog...
  19. B

    Stretching and Wind

    From the title I'm sure most of you already know what happened. So 3 days ago my seeds sprouted. and I noticed they started really stretching but the stems were still thin. barely had the cotelydons and the serrated leaves growing. barely.. so a few people told me to put them under a led light...
  20. DrTentgrow

    Temps and stretching question?

    Hello I have some young WW seedlings (3 nodes) I'm in the UK but it's hot here and the temps in my veg room are around 28-30 for big amounts of time, i'm on 18/6 and the 6 hours off are 1PM to 7PM to help in the hottest part of the day we normally start with a 125w CFL but that was making the...
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