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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Medical Cannabis Patients Eligible For Fee Reduction, Still Face High Tax Rate

    A state-backed medical marijuana identification card program, which hasn't been popular among cannabis patients in recent years, may ramp up when California's new marijuana laws take effect in January, some say, because the regulations allow cardholders to skip the sales tax when purchasing...
  2. Ron Strider

    Here's How Much Virginia Taxpayers Are Spending To Jail Marijuana Users

    Over the past 10 years, Virginia authorities have arrested more than 133,000 people suspected of marijuana possession. Each year, about 10,000 individuals are convicted of a first-time marijuana possession offense. And on one day in July 2017, there were 127 individuals in jail on a marijuana...
  3. Ron Strider

    MO: New Bill Would Allow For Use, Sale And Growth Of Marijuana In St. Louis

    A bill filed this week allowing the use, sale and growth of marijuana in St. Louis aims to reduce disproportionate penalties for existing violations and free up time for police to focus on crimes with victims. The bill, sponsored by Alderwoman Megan Green, 15th Ward, would make it unlawful...
  4. Ron Strider

    MA: Should Towns That Ban Pot Dispensaries Get The Tax Revenue

    Who should share in the spoils of the new recreational marijuana industry? If pro-pot advocates get their way, it won't be any of the more than 100 municipalities that have enacted bans, moratoriums, or tight limits on licensed marijuana operations. Proponents of legalized marijuana are...
  5. Ron Strider

    What A Change In Direction On Federal Marijuana Policy Could Mean For Michigan

    Where Michigan fits in to the national marijuana conversation In 2008, Michigan became one of 29 states that have passed measures fully legalizing or decriminalizing medical marijuana. Since that vote, conversations on what that ballot proposal means for Michigan at the federal level, how it...
  6. Ron Strider

    MI: Residents Speak Out, Learn At Medical Marijuana Town Hall In Dearborn Heights

    Both sides in the debate to allow medical marijuana grow facilities to the city gathered Thursday for a town hall hosted by state Sen. David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights). The senator gathered experts from around the state to speak at the Carl E. Stitt American Legion Post No. 232 to make sure...
  7. Ron Strider

    NH: New Deal On Marijuana Decriminalization Clears 1st State Senate Hurdle

    The state Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved a measure that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Bills to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana have passed through the New Hampshire House of Representatives eight times over the past decade. But they've...
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