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  1. Curly Beaver

    The Curly Beaver Den

    This is a place for me to post odd ball "stuff" that doesn't really fit anywhere else. I'll start it with a wood working project that I have been working on. I am new to vaping but quickly noticed that I had stuff spread out all over the place and could never find what I needed. So I got a...
  2. C

    Removing rub from gloves?

    Not lazy, just a little pressed for time, at any time. I have searched this particular forum using keywords and don't come up with much. I call it rub. That sticky stuff that sticks to my gloves. I have a enormous bag of glove fingers in my freezer. Yep. Do a lot of clipping. What on...
  3. L

    Greed Weed

    I stopped burning my weed a while back and only Vape now. One of my 'Freedom Haze' was getting into the light so I chopped about 4" of immature bud from it. I chopped it all up and put it in my Vaporizer and Holy Crap! It hasn't even started to get a good Frosting going yet and I'm pleasantly...
  4. Jackalope

    Canalope Haze

    First try of my DNA Canalope Haze this morning after coffee. Hell yeah I like this stuff. Great haze taste and spell. I have the energy to do stuff but I keep forgetting what I was doing. :thumb: Still needs time for the bigger buds to dry and a little cure time and I will do a total strain...
  5. G

    When you guys talk about Seaweed & Kelp

    ...I am wondering what exactly you're talking about. Access to this type of stuff is pretty limited in the area. I'd love to show you a pic / link of the stuff that is available, but I guess it'll be rightfully marked as spam. Especially since this is my first post. Hello, by the way. :21...
  6. N

    Are aphid infested plants safe to smoke?

    Last night a friend who works in a dispensary grow facility gifted me with a few plants that they were tossing due to aphids. Tonight he told me that his boss suggested that the "stuff from the black bag" not be smoked. But the stuff from the white bag is OK. I've been going through the...
  7. M

    Bonjour - Hi

    Hi Guys, I am Marco from Québec, I can't wait to learn some new stuff about weeds and other stuff! Thx
  8. M

    Another newbee

    Lets explain the user name Moe Ugly. I'm More Uglier than my wife and probably moe ugly than you. This 420 stuff is pretty new to me because I have been away from it foe 30 some odd years. Use to some some bunk Mexican stuff back in the day when you could get a four finger bag for 10 to 15...
  9. W

    Soil pH

    Ok in a nutshell how can i adjust soil PH and not use chemicals....its neutral atm so i dont have far to go....not interested in expensive stuff....i hear lemon juice....or old coffee....is there any truth here?:thanks:
  10. U

    Flowering leaves lose stuff when rubbing against the tent

    How much of the trihome's stuff is lost when the flower leafs rub against the sides of the tent or each other, when the tent is a bit tight ?
  11. TheFertilizer

    Synthetic vs Organic

    Okay but hold on, let me explain first. Last few times I have used Flora Nova, some Fox Farms and Humbolt County's Own bottled nutrients. They've got me some pretty frosty nugs. Well, my friend gave me this organic mix that he puts together and sells. I mean it seems like it has good stuff...
  12. TorturedSoul

    Expired Fox Farms Soil and Nutrients?

    I just heard that a local (~40 miles away, lol) general purpose nursery / garden center has Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soils and Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom liquid nutrient. Possibly some additional Fox Farms products; the woman that told me was in a hurry and on her way out...
  13. C

    'Ello y'all

    :volcano-smiley: ello im Cierra i keep life simple n enjoy the little things. i love my green, ive been gardening for about 9 years now.
  14. A

    Are these buds moldy? Microscope photos included

    Hello everyone! I would be very grateful if you'd help me figure out if this stuff si smokeable. Thanks! :thanks:
  15. J

    Promix Ultimate Organic for cannabis?

    Is this stuff any good?
  16. mouser

    Painful hands

    Hello all. I repair commercial laundry equipment for a living. Lots of heavy lifting, banging on stuff with a big hammer (missing said stuff and hitting my hands on occasion) Lately my hands have started to hurt...all the time. I know I should probably go to the walk-in and have them looked...
  17. B

    Mini Dehumidifiers - Completely Useless?

    High, bought one of these a while ago and it appears to do little to nothing. Have 2 exact same hygrometers/temp gauges - tested them for a week- same readings 1 in TV room - rainy at the moment so high outside RH. It reads 54 % & 24.8 C, 1 in grow room 68 % & 25.8 C - door open with...
  18. J

    New soil very damp

    So I used to use promix, with good results, but there was a shortage last time so I had to get new stuff. It says It's a ready to use mix containing peat moss, dolomite lime, bark compost and perlite. First problem is it's damp as shit. Was wet when I bought it and the stuff in the bag is...
  19. J

    Is online information reliable?

    Hey guys I'm about to go foe a drug test so i;m looking for all the info I can. My last smoke was about 24 hours ago and my test is in about 2 days. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of ways to pass? Any tips would be great. Regards
  20. G

    Bubba Kush and Dizziness

    I am getting spells of dizziness with headache like symptoms at the end of the buzz from this stuff. Several people have mentioned the same thing (Leafy reviews). Has anyone here experienced it.
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