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  1. misfits666

    Stunted when flowering

    she’s both should be almost done flowering but the other one just have long bud stem with small bud. she stunted after i taking clone from lower part of her and accidentally snap her main stem but its almost a month ago.. until 30 days later she just doesn’t have many changed. does anyone ever...
  2. B

    Reviving a badly burned girl

    So this is my first grow (auto Daiquiri Lime) and I ’m growing in coco and adding biobizz. I’m about 8 weeks in and thought my plant was quite small so thought I’d up the nutes a little to see if that would help boost her - bad idea!! I burned her quite bad. Anyway, pretty sure she has stunted...
  3. H

    Should I transplant or start over?

    This is my first grow, found a few seeds in our bud so my friend and I are trying to get a few grams out of them to cover the costs of the setup. My seeds were planted on Christmas and on newyears into a soil intended for mature plants. The first sprout started to instantly burn up when it was...
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