stunted growth

  1. S

    I'm sorry: How to bring her back?

    So this was originally a seedling that I was originally going to throw away however I decided to keep it and do a "experiment" with it, that being what happens if I top super early and proceed to top further thereafter. The outcome I wouldn't care as it was a runt and going to be thrown out...
  2. D

    Tangerine Dream Auto grow week 3 and not growing! Newbie here!

    Hello All! This is my first grow so please be gentle!! I have a tangerine dream auto from growers choice seeds. They are in week three and they are very small.......I think. I have also attached everything I am using for this grow. I am using mother earth Coco. The grow light height is at OEM...
  3. aliennnz

    Uneven stem & growth

    Hey guys, whats up? :) Hope everything is good with you all! I have a specific question, since it never happened to me and i did not find that much of indormation online to fufill my questions.. why does this steam grew alone ? one side has 2 steams and the other only 1, did i just lose 1 bud...
  4. P

    7 weeks old seedling

    This is my first grow. I germinated this seed at the 10th of February. It's been growing extremely slow. It is in a closet with a small fan and LED light (18-6 light cycle). I believe it looks healthy, however I don't quite know why it isn't growing with decent pace.
  5. Stunted Amnesia

    Stunted Amnesia

    Slowest than all, I didn't think she'd make it but she's proving me wrong!
  6. Y

    Slow growth rate

    Hi, I have two cannabis plants that were planted in the same day (middle of April). Both are cutting . One is Purple Haze (the small one) and the second is Tutankhamun. Both are growing hydroponic (DWC) in the same condition. Electrical conductivity around 1350us/cm, PH 5.7. Growth room...
  7. Sinbad91

    Cannabis Plant Deformation

    Greetings, I have a problem and was hoping someone could help. I'm currently two and a half weeks into my first grow and seem to be experiencing a myriad of problems. See images of plants. All Plants were started at the same time, some are much smaller than others, all have some form of leaf...
  8. Week 5 flowers of TMV infected plant

    Week 5 flowers of TMV infected plant

    Barley showing after 5 weeks (bag seeds, poor genetics)
  9. M

    First Grow - Stunted Growth?

    Hello, I am 5 weeks in to my first grow and I’m wondering if my plant has stunted growth issues. I germinated my strawberry kush seed and planted it in to FFOF in a solo cup and then transplanted to a 1.9 gallon fabric air pot after week 3 because the solo cup had poor drainage. Currently it is...
  10. X

    Young plants in tough shape

    Hi all, New to the forum as well as growing, hoping somebody here can offer me some insight. On Feb 4th I started 3 fresh auto's from seed. Auto-Chemdog (not pictured) is doing very well, is a good size, has already shown its sex and has a nice aroma. The Auto-AK-47 (pictured below) is...
  11. A

    Yellowing of leaves, slow growth, leaf tips curling and going brown.

    Hi guys. Was hoping someone could help me. It's my 1st time growing and I'm starting to experience my 1st deficiency signs. About a week ago, I started to see that the leaves started yellowing. As time went on it got worse and worse. I though it was light burn which I'm sure it was as the...
  12. C

    Abandoned Carlito21's Pineapple Chunk - DWC - 2015 Journal

    Hello. Decided to start a grow journal after an issue that happened with the plants (look at my other thread) the plants are getting over the shock I'm sure and soon enough growth will be back to normal. Anyways, strain is pineapple chunk. Two plants in a non recirculating DWC system. Have...
  13. C

    Root rot - Over feeding - Low humidity? DWC troubles

    I am a successful soil grower of many things but now that I have decided to grow hydroponically it's been trouble! I have two plants, strain is pineapple chunk. I just moved them from soil about a week and two days ago. They are a little more than two weeks old and since I put it in The hydro...
  14. B

    Please help!

    Im not sure where I went wrong, I think I may have put too many nutrients in out solution. The pistils are all shrunk in size, and dark brown/ amber colored. Anyone scene this before? I cannot find anything online. They've slowed growth and they are just beginning to produce THC at this stage...
  15. P

    Help please! Sick plants need diagnosis (w/ hq pics)

    Hello Everyone, First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read this and possibly give your diagnosis on my grow problems. i absolutely love growing plants in general and appreciate the opportunity to discuss my passion with fellow green thumbs. I've been growing two plants of BC...
  16. B

    Stunted Growth

    This is the OK plant And this is the one that seems to be falling behind I know it's barely noticeably- but I had two plants show the same slowed growth problem. They first just stopped growing- but then began to shrink and eventually die off entirely. Is there something wrong with this one...
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