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  1. G

    Second Attempt Autos!

    Hi everyone 9 days into my second grow. Ive learnt alot from my first attempt and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on my previous thread. Using LEDs, a fan and putting plants outside on sunny days. Getting at least 20 hours of light out of 24. Careful watering around plant only when...
  2. P

    7 weeks old seedling

    This is my first grow. I germinated this seed at the 10th of February. It's been growing extremely slow. It is in a closet with a small fan and LED light (18-6 light cycle). I believe it looks healthy, however I don't quite know why it isn't growing with decent pace.
  3. S

    Weird Flowering Of Humboldt Blue Dream

    I grew two plants from Humboldt Blue Dream seeds. I'm using a DWC setup I've had a lot of success with and constantly check and keep ppm and ph within acceptable ranges. Veg stage went well and I flipped to 12/12 for flower. I severely underestimated the stretch in flower these guys have...
  4. bd_stunted.jpg


    Stunted 90 days of flower for Blue Dream
  5. B

    Will my buds fatten up?

    Hey guys, I’m about week 8 and in flowering stage with my auto Daiquiri Limes. I’m adding biobizz nutes. It’s my first grow so just looking for a bit of advice! One of my girls is in 50/50 soil and coco and seems to be doing a lot better than my other two (100% coco) which are pretty stunted...
  6. Liam5677

    Why is my seedling acting like this?

    Hello everybody, this will be my first post to this forum. This is also the first plant I have ever grown. I’m sure I will not be able to post all the important information You need to answer my questions, but I will try to do my best. I grew the seedling about seven days ago I germinated it...
  7. cbgb


    what up 420 !!!!!! anyone here ever experience a batch of dud seeds ? if so , what do you think might be the cause ? some of the genealogy of seeds are amazing but are we cross breeding! too much ? seedling stunted growth w/ fem indica ~ LA KUSH x PURPLE PUNCH very , very new strain ...
  8. J

    Help needed - Not sure what's wrong - First grow

    So I flushed her with a ph of 6.5 3 days ago she's got me worried since she is a light green stunted growth and the tips are burning from the bottom up. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. D

    Cannabis seedlings stopped growing and showing pistils - Photos

    Hello all, I bring a strange situation with 3 autoflowering seedlings I planted a month ago. So i got 6 seeds, Purple, Tutankhamon, NYC Diesel, Somango, Cheese and Amnesia. These last 3 have gone really wrong somehow. They were all germinated and planted at the same time (10th of July), and...
  10. Y

    Male Or Female?

    Finally... After readjng and researching I still cannot figure out which this plant is. Its my first ever but yea, there it is. Boy or girl?
  11. T

    This is getting worse

    This is my second grow. First one was great. Four plants (white widow) yielded about 4 oz.'s of good buds. I decided to try to increase yield by increasing wattage from 320 to 480 in CFL's. This is from a stunted 2 month old plant (white widow). They were in a small closet and I increased the...
  12. L

    Seedlings keep stunting after sprouting! Weird behaviour

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've been consulting the forum for a while, trying to solve this issue on my own, but I just can't figure out what is going on, so I'm asking for your help :) I'm not a new grower, I've been growing pot indoors for about five years, and I usually get good results...
  13. D

    White Widow - Something seriously wrong - Please advise

    White widow Feminized Started seed December 28th Note: proper lighting not yet available until January 6 As of today Ph: 6.2 Humidity : 60 Temp: 80 Feeding : Flower Power ferts Haven't fed in days because of the plant . Just PH water 6.5 Stunted , new growth twisted curled , lime green ...
  14. C

    Help plants not grown for 2 months

    Hi, my plants don't seem to have gotten past the seedling stage and it's been nearly two months, they appear to be healthy but they haven't grown in almost 2 months so basically they are 6 inch tall four sets of baby leaves like Adidas logos, they look green and healthy besides the lack of...
  15. H

    6 plant tote - 3 plants with stunted growth - Possible causes to affect only some?

    Hey guys, I am at a loss here. I have no idea what is happening to a few of my plants. This is my 3rd grow, each time I've used aeroponics. I have had the clones for a week and a half, every plant inside the same plastic tote, a total of 6. 3 of the plants are stunted. I also have 1 with a dried...
  16. A

    43 day plant - 1.5 inch tall?

    its my first grow ever, and i know i have made many mistakes in the past 40 or so days. however i can not understand how two of the same genetics (Dark Angel -Crop King) seeds can turn out so differently. both seeds were planted around december 1st and the one is only an inch tall, while the...
  17. A

    Stunted Growth?

    Strain: Autoflower Northern Lights Temp: 76-80f RH: 40% Lighting: 400W MH Hi everybody, So I've been growing my first autoflower and this is how it looks after 2 weeks since it popped from the soil. What seems to be wrong with it? Do you guys think it needs nutrients? But its still a sprout...
  18. breezy12

    Need advice - super slow changes during seedling period

    I dont know what happened - my seedlings are just super stunted and not growing much at all. Is my light a fake marshydro? :(
  19. H

    Heating a grow box, hot water bottle? help!

    Im currently growing in a 2foot tall box with 3 26watt cfls in a basement. My room is around 20 C° during the day but its canada and winter so my rooms gets cold at night. Ive pretty much spent all my money so im trying to find a free way to heat up my box at night. I tried putting a hot...
  20. R

    Curling, crispy leaves

    What Strain is it? Lemon Skunk Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid, 22% THC How Many Plants? 6 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? 5 weeks If in Flowering Stage... How Long? Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro...
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