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  1. T

    New Style Growing Bucket! Opinions Wanted!

    I patented this agricultural bucket some time ago and now currently having more 3D printed for testing. It mixes an aeroponic style with deep water culture. It has an upper "halo" that normal 5 gallon buckets do not possess. The halo has aeroponic misters on the inside and the tubing is on the...
  2. gr0w


    sitting around the house on a Lazy Friday off work and was Just Curious, With there being so many types and configurations of Hydroponic Growing. What is everyones favorite style of hydroponics? and why? Pros and Cons. (cost, maintenance, time away, harvest time, yield ect) from DWC...
  3. cannaruss

    Cannaruss' Adventures In Hempy Style

    Cannaruss' adventures in Hempy style
  4. B

    Capn Style Air Stone Question

    Hello everyone, I've been doing a ton of research for my first grow and came across the capn style of growing. My question is why do the individual reservoir not need air stones? With the pumps only running twice a day for 15 minute intervals I'm curious how the water doesn't become stagnant...
  5. G

    Cap'n Style - New Seed - New Nutes - Same Set Up

    Good day all. I figured I would start a new journal on my Capn' Style grow. It has been a year since I have done a journal but have had great success with this style of growing since then. The reason for the new journal is that I have been given some tester nutrients from a new hydro store...
  6. E

    Blue Kush Cap'n Style

    Hey everyone, This is my third official grow. And my second capn style. I saved you all from the boring part and I'm about to flower in the next couple days. She is officially 74 days into veg. I almost killed her a month in so she was delayed a bit. Here's bluey And Jr.