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  1. OldSchool 64

    Oldschool's - Crop King Seeds Auto Grow

    Just poped Candycane. Northern lights. Trainwreck. .2 plants per pot..we shall see how they do doubled up..experimenting a bit..sub on up. Lots of grows going on here....
  2. OldSchool 64

    Old School's Big Bomb Seeds Bud Bonanza

    Starting some new girls.out of 20 had 6 duds..which really sucks..sub on up..Will be a ausome grow..I will post weekly .
  3. F

    Obscure Experience with Labcorp Test

    So i decided to go with the sub method, worked for me flawlessly before. Went through the same procedure, only when i got into the room they wanted about 4-5 oz and i had about 2. Ive been clean over two weeks where i smoked for a 4 day span, dirt weed, and before that i was clean for about...