1. jack-the-ripper-weed-seeds-subcool-the-dank-hanf.jpg


    Jack the Ripper feminized cannabis - TGA - Subcool the Dank
  2. Pina Rita

    Pina Rita

    Subcools The Dank , Pina Rita
  3. Subcools The Dank

    Subcools The Dank

    Seed packs from the Weed Nerd.
  4. S

    Subcool Digs A Hole

    Thought I would stop by and try and make a home. Not much on Forums these days but I have been missing a community. If I can figure out how and where I will start posting some feature articles. Subcool The Weed Nerd
  5. K

    GSC or Vortex? TGA

    Ok Gang, I am going to need some help on this one. I dropped a GSC and a Vortex and got them mixed up.... I need your help what is what... GSC is from a local.. Vortex- umm well just Saying TGA...The Pics have started...
  6. P

    Completed VI's - Subcool Based - 2 Worm - Multi-Strain - Mother Hunt - 2016

    So to start with here is the list of requested info for the standard Journal. What strain is it? I am growing 5 strains this grow. White widow, Snow White, NY Power Diesel, AK48, unknown freebie with order Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Various Is it in Veg or Flower...
  7. grizzy

    Abandoned Indoor Med Grow. cheese, bubba kush, diesel, 3D, JillyBean

    Here is my current grow. A Legal Med grow Indoors 2000 watts aircooled with 6" vortex room is 10x10 5x5 area for soil plants (organic) 5x5 area for my DIY flood table 4x4 area for soil (non-organic) rest of room is used for storage. 5x5 hydro table strains: cheese (GH), Diesel, bubba kush...
  8. F

    Seeds - Jacks Cleaner II

    I picked up a pack of Subcool seeds the other day. I choose JC2 for it's rawer phenos. Has anybody here grown JC2? I have read Dank and have followed Sub for a while but am looking for other growers take on JC2? 10 pack seeds looking to throw down for some good females and a male
  9. B

    New ol' dog on block

    Hello. Just joined 420 blog. Did it even though I should really be at work now. But I thought I'd take another quick peek at my 4 newer clones I just bought about 9 days ago. And what do you know? They are already beginning flowering. I'm pissed! I have 14 hours of outdoor light. I really...
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