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  1. Itsagas69

    Subcools mix

    Anyone use UK version, I am struggling with a few amendment's and want a alternative for alfalfa and azomite, I'm currently making 1/8 batches 50 litre plant magic supreme 6litre EWCastings 10 0z bone meal 8 0z blood meal 8 0z guano guanokolong high (p) Half cup kelp meal Teaspoon humic powder...
  2. VilliageIdiot

    VI's - Subcool Based - 2 Worm - Multi-Strain - Mother Hunt - 2016

    So to start with here is the list of requested info for the standard Journal. What strain is it? I am growing 5 strains this grow. White widow, Snow White, NY Power Diesel, AK48, unknown freebie with order Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Various Is it in Veg or Flower...