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    Obscure Experience with Labcorp Test

    So i decided to go with the sub method, worked for me flawlessly before. Went through the same procedure, only when i got into the room they wanted about 4-5 oz and i had about 2. Ive been clean over two weeks where i smoked for a 4 day span, dirt weed, and before that i was clean for about...
  2. M

    A Success Story of Substitution

    Hey y'all, Just joined this forum to share my story of passing a drug test with substitution. I got a new (better, higher paying, short commute) job in April I was stoked about. I knew the company did not drug test thanks to some connections I had. However, on day ONE i find out my...
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    LabCorp Urine Test

    Okay, I know there is a lot of info out there related to urine substitution, but I hope I can get some specific answers that relate to my circumstances. First, I take weekly drug test at a substance abuse clinic that is conducted by LabCorp. However, these test are unsupervised. So, after...
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    Help! Drug Test in 3 Hours!

    Okay I'll try to keep this short. I just found out, I have to take a drug test in three hours. I cannot leave to go get anything because my job won't let me leave. I smoked on Tuesday (today is Friday) and ate an edible. I had a friend call the lab (Concentra) to ask about synthetic urine...
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