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  1. E

    Rookie gardener

    My five seeds have germinated. The tap roots are half inch long minimum. Using a 5 inch starter pot. Planted last night about 1 inch deep. Watered them. Will they grow? When can I expect to see success, or are the seeds too deep? Temperature is consistent at 72-75 degrees F. Overhead are a...
  2. TheFertilizer

    Anyone use GH RapidStart for cloning solution? 7 days and no roots here

    I'm not the best at cloning, but I've done it a few times with high success rate. However, last two times using rockwool and GH Rapid Start I haven't had good success. Last time I thought I was keeping things too moist, but I I have kept it much drier in there and have the cubes resting on...
  3. H

    Confessions Of A Pirate Pot Grower

    Does anybody do this anymore? Planting on ground that maybe doesn't exactly belong to you? I've done it many times with mixed success. I was just wondering...I haven't done it for a few years but i'm sort of getting the itch...
  4. ScaredStupid

    Tap water vs. distilled

    First of all thanks to Crop King for a great selection of product, fast shipping, and great service! So my last grow was over 30 years ago so I'm basically a newbie here. I'm trying Afghani, NYC Diesel, and Haze Extreme. I'm wondering about the effects of tap water on germination. For my...