1. FeloniousPunk

    Pure CBD to combat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS

    Hi All, Does anyone know a supplier of CBD, no THC? There is an article in today's Toronto Star about a woman suffering from this terrible disease. Thornhill woman sees positivity through pain of rare disease | Toronto Star I going to send her friends the link to this thread. Hope we...
  2. R

    Iowa Lawmakers Should Allow Medical Cannabis

    The Iowa Legislature finally took action on medical cannabis last Wednesday, an issue which has had mothers literally crying down at the Capitol for years. But instead of granting relief to desperate patients of chronic illnesses, our leaders are demonstrating once again they're quite capable of...
  3. A

    wish i was there, not here

    hello, i unfortunatly live in a state where medical marijuana is not availible(va). well here goes, i was born with severe club feet in both feet, had 6 different surgeries to somewhat correct it but am still left with 2 fused ankles, when i was 19 i had my first back surgery (2 ruptured discs...
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