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  2. spliffas

    SPLF Mixed Garden

    Hello friends! Finally I managed to complete my setup after played with this one: Now don’t know where to start :) let’s start with my set - up and prices. Lumii black 600W digital dimmable ballast - 27£ used from ebay, works fantastic! Lumii black DS 600W HPS lamp (11£ new from ebay)...
  3. Ron Strider

    Cannabis-Infused Cotton Candy Will Give You A Next Level Sugar High

    With the increasingly growing acceptance and legalization of marijuana across the world, the market has seen an uptick in various cannabis-infused food products that go way beyond regular brownies and gummy candy. We've got wine, beer, milk, sparkling water, pizza, chocolate and, thanks to San...
  4. Ron Strider

    South Africa: 'Cannabis Can Strengthen The Rand'

    Durban - Coastal fields that once produced more sugar than they do now could be planted with hemp for export products that could bring the rand back to a healthier exchange value. Krithi Thaver, founder of the lobby group Canna Culture SA, this week addressed cannabis growers organizing...
  5. Ron Strider

    UK: Council Asks For Help Mapping Cannabis Smell

    People are being asked to follow their noses to help find the source of a mysterious cannabis smell wafting across parts of East Anglia. The "weed-like" whiff has been reported across west Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for several weeks. British Sugar is investigating whether it is from its...
  6. Ron Strider

    UK: British Sugar Cannabis Farm 'Weed' Smell Investigated

    A sugar producer is investigating whether its cannabis farm is responsible for a smell which has been baffling Norfolk residents for a week. British Sugar began growing a non‐psychoactive variety of cannabis at its Wissington plant this year for use in children's epilepsy medicine. Following...
  7. T

    Earth Juice Sugar Peak formula request & review

    I am growing in organic soil in a light dep fully controlled greenhouse. (added my thoughts below) My last grows with the original Earth Juice line went great. Used grow, bloom and catalyst with Meka K and micro added monthly and finished with Grand Finale. Used standard measurements and...
  8. B

    CO2 collecting

    Is it possible to safely collect the co2 from a yeast sugar water method during the night hours? I was thinking of a 5 gallon jug with a balloon attached to the top would be the best DIY container for the job, but obviously I'm somewhat concerned so I would like to hear from others what they...
  9. S

    Sugar leaves browning at tips

    Dear All. Hope everyone is well. I have a seedsman white widow feminised that is approx 6 to 7 weeks into flower. Overall it's a great plant and I am hopeful of a nice harvest. I have approx 15 big colas. I have started to see discolouration in a lot of the fan leaves, yellowing. Overall...
  10. PurpleGunRack

    Sugar Black Rose - The Black - Delicious Candy

    Hi 420 friends and welcome to my 2nd Strain Search journal in the Mother Hunt project. Germination started 02NOV2016 This time it's two ''black'' Indicas and a shitfacer, still doing feminised seeds that are also available as regular. 6 plants total, 2 of each strain. I'm thinking 4-8...
  11. K

    GW Pharmaceuticals And British Sugar Sign Cannabis Plant Deal

    British Sugar — a subsidiary of Associated British Foods — has signed a deal to grow cannabis plants for GW Pharmaceuticals. The marijuana plants — which are of a non-psychoactive variety — are for use in GW's experimental childhood epilepsy treatment called Epidiolex. The drug is derived...
  12. Iguana Man

    Trichome check - Sugar leaves or bud?

    I've finally gotten a loupe and snipped a sugar leaf from one of the top buds of my single Bianca. I see clear, cloudy and amber trichomes. It seems there are more amber ones on the part of the leaf closest to the bud. I'd say 30-40%. Alternatively, and only a 1/3" away there are more clear and...
  13. H

    Outdoor! Need advice - 7ft plant!

    Hello everyone , I have already gained some experience from reading and researching , and i have already grown a couple plants indoors for the past 3-4 years , soil and hydro ! Last hydro plant yielded 4.5 ounces (130gr) . This is now my first time growing outdoor . All for personal use ...
  14. L

    Has anyone had droplets of sugar seeping from calyxs?

    Hello, has anyone seen or found dew sized droplets seeping from calyxs before? I found this in my auto first I seen the tiny droplet and questioned why I would have water up that high on the plant. So, me being a the curious George that I am I touched it and noticed its was viscous and...
  15. L

    Sugar droplets seeping out of calyxes

    Hello, has anyone seen or found dew sized droplets seeping from calyxs before? I found this in my auto first I seen the tiny droplet and questioned why I would have water up that high on the plant. So, me being a the curious George that I am I touched it and noticed its was viscous and...
  16. S

    Afghani #1 - Blue City Diesel - Sugar Plum & Blockhead

    4 plant legal recreational grow in Oregon. Strains are Afghani #1, Blue (City) Diesel, Sugar Plum and Blockhead. Sugar Plum grown from seed and topped 3 times to create a manifold or "mainlined" plant structure. Remaining three are clones. 400w MH, 24/0 light schedule. FF Ocean Forest soil, 5...
  17. B

    Brewing for CO2?

    I'm aware that I need to brew at far diffrent temps than for growing but eoulf thr co2 put off from brewing be a good source for co2? I'm thinking of brewing sake which I've looked a fair bit into and one of the sources I've read says because of koji to break down the rice starch into sugar for...
  18. N

    Sugar leaves looking weird

    Currently on week 7. flushed already for 1 week. Leaves looking odd including the sugar leafs. Should I just chop her this weekend? sorry for the bad pic.
  19. W

    Pice ar y Maen Recipe

    Pice ar y maen or welshcakes are a treat passed on through generations and still as popular as ever, here though we are going to add an extra little twist. Recipe makes 16 welsh cakes. Ingredients: 225g plain flour 85g caster sugar ½ tsp mixed spice ½ tsp baking powder Baking...
  20. WizHigh

    Molasses instead of Botanical Sweet?

    Simple question how much molasses should I add per gallon for 4 week veg plants???