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  1. B

    Looking for insight on edibles

    I am a person who loves to cook and bake. I also want to learn how to make essential oils and lotions as well. I need ideas and suggestion, the know how's, the steps. I am still new at this adventure. I would really love some input and guidance.
  2. Cannafan

    Suggestion category and a suggestion for member galleries

    Hello, First up, it would be great to have a category in this area that is labeled just "Website Suggestions". :) Second, I have a suggestion for member galleries I would like to put forth. It would be awesome if somehow the member galleries had a user control that allowed folders they could...
  3. C

    First Grow Journal

    Hey guys just started my journey. The pics are of my 1 week old seedling and the other is my setup. Any suggestion or advice will be greatly appreciated.