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  1. S

    Help me spend some money!

    Help me spend $1000 (or maybe a little more). I'm about to put together a grow space and want some suggestions. I've got a 20 plant ACMPR license, but don't necessarily have to have all 20 going at the same time. I'm planning on eventually having a separate space for veg/flower, but at the...
  2. B

    Any suggestions for growing outdoor in hot climate

    Hi I am living abroad (Mexico) for some time now, originally from Canada. I am a CBD hemp wholesaler ( No THC) however my clients are now requesting product with THC in it an I want to make some edibles. About 25 years ago I used to grow indoors approx 700 plants in dirt. However I am not...
  3. T

    Greetings from Italy

    Hi everybody! I'm new here so let me introduce myself... I'm a home-grower since 2013 and a cannabis passionate and recreational user since... forever :cheer2: I started my growing experience with a completely homemade growbox and very little knowledge of cannabis cultivation, but a lot of good...
  4. Ripples

    Set up questions

    I have an area of 9'x12' with 7' ceilings... Was debating the lighting situation... first thought was 4 1000w hps stationary with my 2 8" inlines and filters... I have run a similar set up for years with great success... (separated with tents) looking for suggestions, considering using some...
  5. M

    Growing at elevation on the 51st parallel

    I am looking for strains that can be grown outdoor and indoor at 4000 ft elevation and 51 st parallel any suggestions thx
  6. S

    Strain suggestions

    Hi I am new in this forum and this is my first thread. I have searched a lot about strains which grows well in hotter climate but in the end its all confusing and not well detailed. I live in pakistan, we have warm climate here. The place where i am starting to grow is hilly area and...
  7. P

    Help - Healthy plant running into slight problems

    Hello my chem dawg plant is running into some slight problems roughly 16 days old..it is starting to get leaves turning to one side with the taco effect...other leaves are slightly drooping as well..I just fed them a day ago with Cal-Mag and Grow A & Grow B nutrients. But recently I got the taco...
  8. GrizzWald

    Regular indica autos

    im looking for the most pure indica auto in a regular seed, all suggestions are appreciated, thanks :48:
  9. A

    Tobacco Substitute

    I'm looking for a substitute for tobacco in an oil joint that's legal to buy/import into Canada. Nothing that will add anything else to the joint but just be a base similar to what the tobacco is being used for. Any suggestions?
  10. S

    Suggestions? Help?

    Hey, I'm super new to this so I have some questions and a requested for suggestions from you experienced folks. A little back ground here: this is my first attempt at growing. I got some random seeds from a friend (strain unknown) did some research and then just kinda went for it, I set up one...
  11. S

    How to moisten weed

    I have a question for you!! I like the idea of using bread to moisten my weed but how is it done? Is it put in the bottom of the bag or the top/and what do I do to stop it from taking away weed? I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks Smalltime54
  12. G

    Looking for a good body cleanser - Any suggestions?

    Have to see the PO next week havent smoked in 7 days it'll be 10 when i go see her got my own test strips still dirty any suggestions on a good detox?
  13. S

    Philippine Unknown Sativa

    Newbie here. Take a look at my girls and Please leave comments and suggestions =) peace
  14. C

    Suggestions and critiques from CFL/T5 growers - Rate my box

    DISCLAIMER: I chose to go with the CFL/T5 combo after doing a lot of reading on this site an others. Upgrading in the future is a must, but for know I will be learning the craft from the bottom. Also temperature is a major issue at the moment and my next purchase must be some form or air...
  15. H

    Need suggestions on new light! Help!

    OK so here's my dilemma. I need to decide on a new light. The objective us to save money on the hydro bill. I need to cover approximately a 4x6 to 4x8 area. Veg. only. I currently use a 1000 w mh. I'm thinking either t5 or t5 led or led. Anyone have any suggestions? Limited budget...
  16. B

    Suggestions welcomed!

    what is a good AF with high levels of cbd? Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD from dinafem seems promising not many lengthy detailed reviews on that one any other suggestions? i dont care for high thc and for a small grow tent for only 2 plants, what is a good led set up? i'm a newbie so...
  17. T

    Recipes for Cannabis - Any suggestions?

    Recipes for Cannabis, any suggestions? Pretty straightforward topic. I was reading in another thread although I imagine the individual that posted is long gone about "Cannabutter" and another person talking about making fillets and things of that nature. I was just curious if you guys had any...
  18. P

    New person with fluorescent light question

    Hi from edmonton. I have some 80w h/o t5 ballasts. It is difficult to obtain 5' tubes for them. Any suggestions such as wiring 2 lesser wattage tubes in series of equal wattage or over driving two tubes in series at less then 80 watts? I am growing edible vegitables in a deep water hydro I built...
  19. LEDBud

    Wanted - The Most Flavorful Strains From 420 Seed Banks

    I am looking for tips and suggestions to buy the most flavorful strain / strains currently available here on 420 Let me know if you have tips for available flavor strains , Indica / cross preferred. *I also welcome strain suggestions from the Seed Bank Sponsor*
  20. C

    Mike here - I'll be in week 4 of Veg tomorrow - Suggestions?

    So, I am in a closet. Running 400/600w (dimmer) MH-HPS. I have 2 clones of unknown girls. I also have 6 seeds of unknown strains. I'm started everything in SOLO cups but now am in 3 gal for the bigger clones and 1 gal for the smaller gals that started from seed. I'm in miracle grow...
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