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  1. santiago19

    Cactus nutrients for flower

    Hi All I could find in my area regarding nutrients that are suitable for bloom was pokon cacti and succulents plant food with ratio 4-7-7. "For profuse flowering" Is this fine? Does anyone have experience with it? I already bought the pokon cacti, because I heard one can use this when you...
  2. L

    I have a question

    Hi Guys , I'm a complete newbie here. Getting ready for legalization in Canada. Haven't burnt anything since I was a kid and then hardly anything worth talking about. I'm looking for a place to do a commando plant. Is a corn field suitable? I was thinking tall and green. Learning lots just...
  3. P

    Budget ventilation

    First time grower here, I'm coming at this from a slightly different angle as I'm really a Carnivorous Plant guy, but want to try my hand at growing some decent cannabis indoors. I'm looking to grow a single plant along with my CP's in a 27"x27"x63" mars hydro grow tent, under a Mars300 LED...