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  1. Fsanti1226

    Fsanti's NukeDaddy - COB LED W/QBS Grow

    Starting this journal to just cover the progress on the nukeheads nukedaddy strain as well as 2 mystery seeds that were shipped with my seed order. so one day i decided to go onto the NUKEHEADS site and see if they had any new strains out there which they did. saw that they had crossed the...
  2. superskunkdre

    Some pretty pics of my flowers - Share your first experience with some pics

    :high-five: Hi all so I am a bit of a newbie this ones almost ready and just sharing what I thought was sum pretty looking bud pics so yea enjoy :pop2::blunt: I grew it for a few months then turned for a 8week flower it's in last weeks now sry unsure on actual age and it's a superskunk I think I...
  3. N

    Need some advice

    How do u set up a Scrog system in a room 6x6 with 9 plants and wut watt light shud I use to cover the space any links or advice wud be appreciated
  4. potExtractR


    Hey every1 i thought it was time to sign up and show yas all sum of my super fine extracts
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