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  1. chumly57

    Outdoor grow in Thunder Bay

    Hi, I'm looking to find or share info/problems/solutions to outdoor grow. My 4 seedings are started in the window waiting for transplant into pots at the end of April. I'm planning to use Promix soil from my local greenhouse. Last year I used autoflower santa maria seeds, not a bad result for...
  2. curley wurley

    Airy Cindy 99

    Not sure what happened...guessing it was a lighting issue? 24 hours of light during the vegetative stage...sun during the day and fluorescent lighting at night. Flowering for 55 days. When harvest time came around the nugs were thick/dense. But after drying and curing I ended up with airy...
  3. T

    How many nodes above screen?

    i am yet to find an accurate answer on a forum for this so ill post to ask.. i am growing 2 outdoor plants in large pots and have super cropped them to a 90 degree bend and topped to make 2 main stems on each plant that i am going to be lsting/tieing down around the rim of the pot running...
  4. Darkscotia

    Darkscotia 1st Attempt At Doc Buds High Brix - Perfect Sun COB LED - 5 Blueberry Fem

    Hello all and welcome to my journal. Here I'll be attempting doc buds high brix kit. I'll be using the perfect sun cob led for the first time. So let's get into more details. And sorry for not having proper grammar and misspelling as it was jot a strong suit lol. What strain is it? Femmed...
  5. O

    Perfect sun?

    You may label your powerful expensive lights "Perfect Sun" but I'll take San Diego's version any day. I take it outdoors and enjoy it as much .(today a predicted 75 and sunny for example, as my kush ladies apparently do as well. We will keep company again today as the Solstice charges at us. If...
  6. F

    Can cannabis get too much sun light?

    In the past when I grew up on the roof (Spain, crazy sun basically all day long) I used a sun-shade. (I can't use the sunshade any more since my cats climb on it, then fall down onto the plants and smash them..or try to climb up and into the chimney via the sun shade thing. Yeah no kidding...)...
  7. Ron Strider

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Black Diamond LED

    Please join us in thanking Black Diamond - Perfect Sun for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the Cannabis plant and...
  8. CatnipTC

    Perfect Sun LED Community Grow

    :welcome: Since joining the site I'm seeing more and more new members to the Perfect Sun Family of lights made by LEDRF. So I decided to start a community grow thread so we all could share our experiences in one place and compare results and help each other out. I'm currently growing with...
  9. T

    Sunglasses for CMH light?

    Do I need to wear eye protection from light emitted from my Sun System 315 LEC (cmh)??
  10. K

    AZ: Recreational Marijuana Heads To Ballot - Future In Sun Cities Area?

    Recreational marijuana will be on the ballot in November. The Arizona Supreme Court on Aug. 31 rejected arguments of the opposing side of Proposition 205, which claimed the summary of the initiative and the text itself was too flawed to send to the ballot. Chief Justice Scott Bales said...
  11. Mufasa 94

    Doesn't look healthy - Any advice?

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my 2-3 weeks Orange Bud plant. I am growing in soil and first 2 weeks plant was staying under the sun. Now it is under 150 W LED full spectrum light. U just fed them root juice and want to start feed them with BioGrow. It started when it was under...
  12. T

    Amnesia Haze Auto - Indoor & Outdoor Grow

    Going to try and grow this using both the Spanish Sun and my 300W Led in my spare bedroom. If I get the time I will be setting up a dedicated grow tent sometime next month. Single grow which will act as a test for more later in the year. Started by soaking the seed for 12 hours with good...
  13. S

    Will the Black Diamond Perfect Sun 1000 be a good fit?

    Hi, my grow tent is 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.8m (1.4m) and I was wondering if the Black Diamond Perfect Sun 1000 would this be a good choice for this size tent please?.
  14. K

    First time grower advice

    Hi, I'm growing 3 AK-47 autoflowering (sativa dominant hybrid) in a northerly climate. I think from seedling to harvest is around 9 weeks. I'm only using the sun to grow them, not expecting huge plants but just want some experience. Right now the weather is quite poor and as you can see from the...
  15. O

    Plants showing signs of sun bleaching?

    Hello been hanging around reading for a while now. Now I could use some help and insight. This is my second grow, first grow from seed. My plants have all been growing inside since germ in early March. They are in HP Pro-mix with meal amendments, mychrorizae and Azos. Currently are in I...
  16. K

    T5 Help

    So I was looking at some t5 lights and wonder which would be better. Im looking at: Sun Blaze t5-48 Sun Blaze 960305 | Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture or HydroFarm FLP48 HydroFarm FLP48 - Tube Designer Fixture - 4 ft. 8 Lamp Sun blaze only needs 54.0 W where Hydrofarm needs 432 W...
  17. C

    Sun Systems LEC 315

    SUN SYSTEMS LEC 315 FOR Flower , Waddy yall think about this lighting?, I have previously used 600 watt HPS Growing with soil for years , and am thinking about switching to LEC , Anyone have experience good or bad growing with LEC ?
  18. EventHorizon

    Sun Blaster T5's?

    Hey I was thinking about getting a couple T5 Sun Blaster's on the 5th to add into my CFL tent for "side lighting." Anyone ever use these bulbs? They're supposed to be about 3,500 lumen each or something.
  19. Sun of Man

    Arctic Greetings!

    I'm new to the community and found the posts very interesting. I'm an avid kayaker and free diver and for sure not much of that happening where the ice gets six feet thick. Summer growing and gardening is short and sweet. Hope to learn more and contribute as I'm of the generation that brouht...
  20. P

    Is my it ready for harvest?

    So my plant is in flowering and the trichomes are milky reddish and some of the trichomes are brown and look a little wispy. I was thinking that i would harvest them today but i wanted to know what you guys/girls think about it. I'm not too sure how far along they are but I'm guessing that i...
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